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German Shepherd/Mix


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January 20, 2022

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About Margie

“There’s no love like Margie love!!

I just want a forever family to love and be loved by! Do you love cuddles? Because my favourite thing in the whole world is to curl up on the sofa with my hoomans – except for maybe tummy rubs – those are pretty amazing too.

Before the super amazing AARCS team took me in and hooked me up with my foster hoomans, I had a bit of a run-in with a porcupine. I was just trying to say hello and give it a friendly nibble or two and the thing poked me all over with quills! So rude. One of my eyes got poked in the process and had to be removed, but I’m used to navigating with only the one eye. Most people don’t even notice. Outside, when there are distractions I do find it a little harder to multi-task, and might accidentally walk into you if I’m busy looking at another dog, but I manage pretty well on the whole! I’ve got a few small scars from where quills had to come out – but hey, that just adds to my indescribable charm.

I love people. Nothing makes me happier than hanging out with my hoomans who can give me tummy rubs and maybe a few treats if I’m super good? I’ve learned that it’s ok to be alone for a bit, and that my hoomans will come back if they leave the house. Right now, I might cry for a little bit when you leave, but will settle fairly quickly and can tough it out until you get home.

I am okay in the crate overnight as long as my crate is in the bedroom with my foster parents (or I’ll sleep on the floor in my bed, as long as it’s in your room). I will even let you sleep in! I love going for long walks in the woods – my hoomans take me to Bragg Creek and while I’m not a huge fan of car rides – it’s totally worth it for the adventure! I’m not the fastest on a hike – I need time to investigate smells, and squirrels need proper investigation to make sure they aren’t up to no good.

The past is behind me now, but it left a mark- things like sudden movements and car rides are on the scary list right now but I’m getting braver every day. A few months ago I was scared of all the strange people we’d meet – now I’ve realized that every one of them is a potential source of tummy rubs! I love people. People = tummy rubs = amazing.

My foster parents are trying to teach me this weird thing called ‘play’. I guess dog toys are okay – not nearly as much fun as stealing the cats’ toys. I’ll even chase a dog toy that’s thrown for me, but am working on bringing it back to hoomans. Usually the toy ends up in my bed instead – silly hoomans keep throwing the toys I’ve carefully put away – they’re such messy animals. Exception to the rule: flirt pole. I LOVE when my hoomans bust that one out.

I am very food motivated, and will do almost anything for a treat! It’s made training easier, and I’m working on sit, down, come, leave it, and stay (ok, I might need a little more practice for those last two).

I do okay with cats- sometimes I think I might be a cat too! I love curling up in the cat bed (even though I have my own bed, more me-sized) and cat toys are the best! Especially when I can steal them from a kitty! Usually I ignore other cats, or give them a sniff, but I do still need supervision as I don’t always read their cues and walk away when they ask for space. When I get the zoomies, sometimes I try to play with the cats… but they don’t seem to appreciate it. That’s when redirection can be helpful.

Dogs are a little trickier- I really want to play and say hi, but I’m not always sure how, and I can be reactive sometimes. When other animals are around, I have shown some resource guarding with treats or my favorite hooman, but I’m getting better every day! (especially now that I can trust I’ll get food every day).

I found out I have allergies! I was red and itchy for a bit, but am now managing great on a venison diet.

I don’t live with any tiny hoomans, but have stayed with a little one (pre-school age) for a few weeks, and sometimes a baby comes to visit. I’m still working on four on the floor when I get really excited to see people, but so far I haven’t jumped up on the little hoomans. I love cuddles, pets, and giving face licks, and tolerate fur pulling as the baby learns to be gentle.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover and I’m the pupper proof. I’ve got a few scars – but don’t let that fool you – I’m the sweetest, most loving pup you will ever meet.

LET ME LOVE YOU!!!! If dogs were books, I’d be a romance novel!” – xo, Margie     

Good with Cats?

Fairly good with cats; needs redirection when trying to play with them

Good with Dogs?

Dog selective

Good with Kids?

Good with kids but older kids recommended

Do I Need Special Care?

Both, Medical and Behavioral - Medical - had an eye removed and allergies. Behavioural - separation distress, resource guarding from other animals

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