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Retriever, Golden/Mix


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July 19, 2017

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About Renn

Sweet as sugar and 100% pure love!

“Hi, I am Renn! I am about 6 or 7 years old and I am a beautiful golden red retriever X with adorable little fawn spots on one half of my nose, and a little white bib. I have a beautiful coat that shimmers when I have been brushed.

I am very gentle and polite. I stand back and wait for you to put my dinner bowl down before approaching it. But when I get to my bowl, I eat with true enthusiasm! I am like most dogs in that I love the smell of human food, but when I am shooed out of the kitchen area and told to go lay down, I do as I am told.  And I rarely bark!  My foster family has only ever heard me bark in the house once!  If another dog is barking at me on a walk, I will bark back though. That’s just what dogs do.

I love walks and my foster mom says that I am a great running dog. I still tug on my leash quite a bit because I am so excited to be getting outside, but I am getting better at that with consistent leash work.

My foster family has a cat and I quite like her. She doesn’t love me yet, but I am slowly winning her over. My foster family thinks we could be pretty good friends given enough time. I just let her walk by me now without even getting up!

I am a little particular about which dogs I like. If they are calm, then I will be calm. Otherwise I can get pretty excited, though I have been making a lot of progress on that also. I am less intimidated by smaller dogs. It is best to give me space from other dogs while I’m working on skills to reduce my leash reactivity.

I haven’t been around younger kids too much, but I tend to just wag my tail and take a quick sniff when they walk by.

My favorite thing in the world is to just be close to you with your hand on me. I just adore face rubs and head pats. I even close my eyes and make content little grunting noises when you rub my head just right!  If I feel like you are not paying full attention to me, I may nudge your hand or arm again to remind you to continue patting me. I love to have my head in your lap, with a paw across you.

I could do without anything else in this world except love, I absolutely live for love!  Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by my need for love and attention from you, that I will gently put my paws up on you or stand on my back two feet.  I have been getting much better at this though, because my foster mom bends down to give me a head rub and a kiss when I remember to not jump up.

Oh, and did I tell you about my tail?!  My tail is ALWAYS going.  I am just a very happy dog. As much as I love my walks, I am really calm and mellow around the house all day, especially if I have been taken out in the morning.

I sleep in my bed at the foot of my foster mom’s bed.  I love my sleep and I rarely get up in the morning before she does.

I would love to find my furever home.  I have nothing but love to give, and all I want is love in return!” – xo, Renn

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Yes, Good with Cats

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Kids 10+ Recommended

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Both, Medical and Behavioral - Thyroid and omega 3 medications, working on leash reactivity

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