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German Shepherd/Mix


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May 29, 2022

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About Huck

“Howdy friends, my name is Huck and I’ve been told I am quite the gentleman!

If we get a moment and a slice of floor I might just settle down into a lay, life is easier when you are relaxed. Don’t get me wrong, if we get going with some treats or a puzzle toy, my butt will start wiggling with excitement and my beautiful tail will start waving like a flag! I may just get the zoomies and roll around on the ground with my human and doggo friends!

Unless I’m already pumped up I do tend to approach people in a calm and curious manner, and if they aren’t really into dogs that’s okay. If you do accept my nudges I like to melt down into your touch. I will cuddle with you and crawl onto your lap on the floor if you will let me, and I can be coaxed onto the couch for a cuddle!

I am quite intelligent, so I enjoy a fun game to get to my food, and I am quite good at following commands such as sit, down, drop it, and out. I tend to look at cats, rabbits, squirrels, and other critters as prey, so I would do best in a home with only larger animals. You could say I would be an excellent hunting buddy! I do enjoy the company of other dogs, especially the ladies… if you have a dog at home looking for a friend I might just be the one!

I walk quite well well on leash by just trying to take in as much of the world as I can. If you are on a mission or adventure though I would be happy to run! I am quite a big boy but that means I have a big bladder. I have a regular digestive system and I go to the bathroom outside.

I am quiet and don’t mind doing my own thing around the house if you’re busy. I like to go on a few walks a day and definitely a play session, and I really love a good treat and scratch behind the ears!

Can’t wait to join you in the good life and show you what a loyal pup I can be!” – xo, Huck

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