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German Shepherd/Mix


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January 24, 2023

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About Queen

“Hello, my name is Queen and I’m a very special lady if I do say so myself!

I am currently 4 months old and I am a very quick learner. I’m on an acreage with my foster parents and their resident dog. I go for about 6 walks a day about 0.5 kilometers each time. I am learning a lot from the resident dog, so I stay pretty close to her, so I can walk on or off a leash.

I will usually do my business when foster mom takes me out but I can’t say I’m 100 percent house trained yet. I have been left in the house by myself for about an hour and no accidents. When I’m left in the house for longer, I go in my kennel and just wait till someone comes home to let me out.

I don’t make a fuss about going in the kennel, and I don’t cry when I go in. I also enjoy sleeping on the bed with my foster parents, and sometimes in the middle of the night when they let me out to do my business, I get to jump up on the bed and spend the rest of the night with them. I don’t hog the bed and I share the covers. I like being in the same room as you, but I don’t require 100% of your attention.  I’m happy just to be close to you.

I think I would make a great addition to your family.  If you have another doggy, I would like that also. I’ve met one cat and I was very curious about him and wanted to play with him, but kitty cat did not want to play with me.  I was very respectful of the cat’s wishes and ended up leaving him alone.  I like kids, I have met a couple and they seem alright.  I’m still teething a bit, so I have to be careful that my razor sharp baby teeth don’t unintentionally

nip them.  If you feel that I’m perfect, I would agree.  I am a pretty AWESOME puppy, hence my name.” – xo, Queen

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