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Border Collie/Mix


Date of Birth
April 12, 2021

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About Maryse

“I am Maryse. Most people barely notice I am here. I sit in my small circle of quiet sun and watch you approach patiently, silently. Most people barely notice I am here, discreet with my intelligent copper eyes, but there you are, you are turning towards me, I observe as you come closer and- you actually see me? Okay, I am Maryse, let me tell you a little bit more about me.

Yes, I am shy. Don’t take it personally; it took two days before I started wagging my tail at my foster parents. It took three days before I started climbing on their laps, sitting on their belly, sleeping against their thighs. After four days, I was a little bit in love with them, and they were extremely enamored with me.

I think what did it for them was my smart, soft demeanor: I am not vocal even when I play. I am very polite, with a sturdy body cushioned by my past pregnancy, so polite that sometimes I forget to ask for the door when I need to pee. At first, I was scared I would get punished for these little accidents, but my foster mother and father were kind and patient with me, which is truly what I need- gentle guidance. Gentle guidance… and persistence.

I will admit I am a bit headstrong, especially when I’m scared or upset, which usually happens when loud noises startle me. I believe this is part of the charm that makes me, me! For example, if you want to give me a bath, you might have to pick me up to put me in the shower, or lure me with pumpkin treats- if I don’t see the point of doing something, you and I will have to make a deal. I am smart that way.

I am truly easy to live with. I love spending time with my humans on long walks and I make a point of proving it by walking besides them without pulling. Most things I accept calmly, placidly, or happily, like kisses in the soft spot between my eyes or tingly back rubs. Once I got used to my foster parents, I started climbing on them nearly every chance I got. I am convinced I am tiny, minuscule, really, and I will press my paws into your stomach and push my nose against your neck, and also bump you with my hard little head if you let me share your couch. I will sit in the hollow between your crossed legs and request pets, tranquilly and purposefully.

Oh, and I like to chew on things. More specifically, I love to nibble. I love to nibble on fabric quite precisely. If I get restless or I have some leftover energy, I might nibble at your sleeve here and there to get your attention. I enjoy nibbling on tug-of-war ropes with my little front teeth. I nibble at my doggy friend’s hind legs when we play, which is often (and we play very well, might I had! I love chasing him across a field and dodging his quick jabs when I annoy him enough into running after me). Sometimes I nibble at my temporary humans’ chins. If you make me feel safe and comfortable and we get to spend enough time together every day, I will not even eat the flip flops and orphan socks you leave lying around! But I might still nibble at your face tenderly…

So, I am Maryse. This is me. Are you still watching? Understand me, see me and be kind to me- I will give you my heart. P.S: I sneeze when I’m feeling strong happy feelings!” – xo, Maryse

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Not tested with Cats

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Yes, Good with Dogs

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Not tested with Kids

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Animal In Care

This animal is currently an Animal in Care with AARCs and is not available for adoption at this time.

Please note that applications will not be accepted for this animal until they have been posted on our Adoptable Animals page.

Our website is updated daily so please check back on their progress and availability.

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