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Retriever, Labrador/Mix


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April 12, 2022

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About Sif

“Hello! My name is Sif.  I came into my foster home as a very quiet, timid and shy little girl.  The two teenage boys in my home and two parents have taught me that the world is a safe and loving place!  They promised me they would not introduce me to anyone who was not kind or safe, and they have done just that. I was uncertain of my foster Dad in the early days.  However, it turns out he is now my best friend and I am wagging my tail so hard that my entire bum shakes when I hear him coming home from work.

I’m a quick learner and want to know my boundaries and love walking or running with my people. I’m generally good on a leash and don’t have a very strong prey drive. I will sit or lay down to quietly observe squirrels, rabbits and magpies.  When walking in a group or with another dog, I would really prefer to be at the front of the pack. I’ve slept all night in my crate and will quietly and patiently wait for you to come let me out in the morning (my foster Mom thinks she has heard me bark maybe only 5 times, I am so quiet).  I can be left alone upwards of four hours (crated) during the day.  I will entertain myself with a snuffle mat and chew toys while my family is away.  When provided enough opportunity to go to the bathroom, I’ll not have accidents in the house.

I’m told that I am a smart girl and need lots of mental stimulation, so can you keep me active and busy? My family has taken me hiking, biking, walking, running and to off leash parks. I love it all!!  I have also discovered my new favourite game – chasing the water from a hose or sprinkler.  It is great fun and helps me cool off on warm days.

I have a strong desire to please my people and put my tail between my legs and slink away when I’ve done something wrong. What could this cute face possibly have done wrong though? Well, because I am so quiet I have to say that I have been able to quietly and quickly nibble and gnaw away at deck boards, plants, and stuffies that weren’t mine (oops!).

I also LOVE watching birds on my walks and using my extremely good sniffer to explore new areas. I am just over one year old now and really love belly rubs. They are totally the best thing, next to the great outdoors!  I could stay there all day and night. In fact, when dusk comes, I love sleeping on the deck near my family’s patio doors and gently protest by curling up in a tight ball when they are encouraging me to come inside for bed. Why can’t I just stay in the great outdoors to sleep?! My foster Mom scoops me up for a snuggle, belly rub and takes me back inside to sleep.

I recently travelled to a rural farm and was blown away by the opportunity to run free in the endless yard without a leash, prancing after butterflies and running to watch the birds in the trees. You should have seen the sticks I was allowed to chase and chew on there! When it was time to go load up and go back to the city, I turned away from my foster family and went back to the shaded covered porch to sit with my foster Grandma. I know a good thing when I see it!  Those wide open spaces are pretty fabulous and allow me to have all that outdoor time that I love.  My foster Grandparents were very impressed with a few of my tricks, including “Shake, Sit, and Hide Your Eyes”.

Summer will be full of adventures and love with a Sif by your side!” – xo, Sif

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