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German Shepherd/Mix


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November 28, 2022

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About Jiggs

Jiggs is a puppy with an old soul – Since coming into our home, he stole our hearts and made us laugh with his silly obsession for bouncing balls. You may notice a little bald patch or two on his face, from when he was taken into the shelter, but the wounds healed and his fur is growing back. You’re going to love this guy and he will make a great companion to your home and kids!

“Hey! My name is Jiggs (Jiggy or Jiggly Puff if you gotta catch ’em all) and I have the cutest button ears you’ll ever see, and the eyes of an old soul. I will grow up to be very big, so I hope that’s okay and you can keep me!

My foster home has a young toddler, a teenage boy, a Pikachu and a Raichu (kitties) – all whom I love to play with if/when they let me, but I am a puppy still and end up mouthing a bit. The kitties like to tease me and I just want to play!!! They do over stimulate me a bit, and I’ve tried to pounce with them but they tell me to stop.

I learn boundaries really quickly and never bit anyone by accident. I’m a very fluffy and gentle giant and quite curious. I can throw balls with my mouth and play soccer with my paws, and I sleep quietly through the night.

Meeting new people makes me a bit nervous, so let me come to you before reaching to pet me and I’ll be very friendly with you. Milkbones give me the zoomies – if you have a treat, I am destined to find it. I’m very food motivated and will eat from your hand nicely.

My foster mom has taken me on a few walks and I am great at figuring out the pace and staying close. We even walked with a stroller, and once she pulled a sled with a tiny human. The noise and wheels spinning were only distracting at first then I was excited to see where we were going. I’m cautious about new places, and stop to observe if there’s another creature ahead. You can lead me and help teach me to trust safe situations. On the way back home though? I walk very confidently knowing the path was ours.

My foster mom tried to crate train me a few times but I really really don’t like it. I feel trapped and try to escape, and cry too much. But if you give me a spare room, I will happily hang out quietly and play by myself or sleep. The first day or two I might cry a bit, but trust is earned quickly as you show me you’ll return.  Give me a new bone and your shoes will remain in tact. I’m drawn to shoes with fluffy trim, and teenagers flip flops. I haven’t met other dogs up close while in foster care.

I’m just a young pup and I am fully trained to use pee pads but it’s been way too cold out for consistent house training. I will need your help learning this when I come live with you.” – xo, Jiggs

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