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German Shepherd/Mix


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November 4, 2022

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About Rava

“Hi hoomans, my name is Rava and I’m a pretty typical Shepherd puppy. I’m on the larger side for puppies my age so might grow to be pretty big, but that’s just more of me to love, right?

I’m learning all the things to be a dog. I love playing with the resident dog in the house. At first I wasn’t sure about her and barked a little bit, but I warmed up to her quick and now she’s my best friend. When I want to play with her, I let her know by showering her with kisses. Adorable, right? I was in a foster home before where their dog wasn’t a fan of puppies, so hopefully if you have a dog they will be tolerant of my energy until I learn my manners around the grown dogs as I don’t always understand when they tell me they don’t want to play.  Who doesn’t want to play?

I’m working really hard at house training. I am on track for my age and while not fully housetrained yet, I’m sure it won’t take too long until I learn that skill. My foster mom says I’m pretty smart so I know I can learn. I love the outdoors and sometimes don’t want to come in because it’s hot inside so hopefully you have a yard where I can relax in some snow.

I’m a very active girl and would do best with an adopter that can give me lots of physical and mental exercise as well as a schedule and consistency. Sometimes I have so much fun playing that I get very excited and when that happens, my foster mom puts me in the X-pen for some quiet time. I let her know that I prefer to be playing but will settle and play with the toys she leaves for me. Similarly, I do like to sing a bit to myself when left alone but quiet down after a little bit. I’m just trying to tell people that I’d rather be playing instead of alone in a crate. I’m sure I’ll learn to be more comfortable when alone but an adopter may need to do a bit of work to help teach me.

I sleep in a crate at night and am really good. I sleep for most of the night and then after a quick potty break when my foster dad gets up for work, I go back into my crate and let my foster mom sleep a little bit longer. Did I mention I’m also super quiet and well behaved in the car? What can I say, I’m the perfect package.

I have some pretty cute white tipped paws and a white tail tip so if you want to see for yourself, apply!” – xo, Rava

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Yes, Good with Dogs

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