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Fraulein Maria

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Great Pyrenees/Mix


Date of Birth
January 3, 2021

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About Fraulein Maria

Maria is a kind and gentle dog who is just full of love!

This is Fraulein Maria, a one year-old Great Pyrenees cross who weighs in at 23.5 kg (52 pounds) but will likely get a bit heavier when she gets to her ideal weight.

Maria is a wonderful dog who loves people. She is sweet-natured and affectionate with everyone she meets. She is house trained and walks very well on leash. She has also mastered stairs and is now quite happy to follow you everywhere. Her favourite thing is to be right next to you (or leaning against you) no matter what you happen to be doing. At night, Maria sleeps in her bed at the foot of our bed with no problems.

She doesn’t seem to be bothered by loud noises such as the coffee grinder or the vacuum or even trucks or buses driving past while she walks. She has absolutely no prey drive and totally ignores bunnies, ducks and squirrels. She is very food motivated and smart, so further training should be very easy. All in all, she is a sweet, gentle girl who just need someone to love.

Maria is not a barky dog but she can talkative. She will bark a little bit when she sees another dog but will then interact with them without any problems. The barking is not reactivity but more like telling you that there’s a dog over there… Being a Pyrenees cross, she is very smart and will likely stop barking as she gains confidence and she matures. She’s a very good car dog but is not quite comfortable about actually getting into the car yet. She will come and sit by the open car door but still expects you to lift her in. Once in the car she’s quite comfortable and will either look out the windows or have a nap. Again, this will likely change as she gains confidence.

She would likely do will in pretty much any household. She’s good with children and adults and other dogs, so I think Maria would be fine with any family that needs a loving dog that greets you with full body wags and kisses.

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