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November 21, 2014

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Calgary + Area, AB

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Moderately shy

Hi, I’m Nali! Have you ever heard that all cats have 9 lives? As I am 9 years old you better believe I have used a few of those lives so I am looking for a home that lets me enjoy my retirement. Like all orphans’ origins stories the beginning can be sad but it has only made me stronger like a Kelly Clarkson song…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…stand a little taller…footsteps even lighter…. well, we are working on the lighter part. Ok I may have skipped ahead in my story a little so let me backtrack. I was born and had a family of my own for the first 9 years of my life who kept me very well fed and happy but unfortunately due to no fault of my own they were no longer able to keep me. I was lucky enough to come into AARCS care where it was quickly realized that I was too well fed and very scared about being in my new circumstances. So, I was put on a diet but as I was so scared and stressed about being in the shelter my health started to decline so I ended up with a kitty cold. The nice people at the shelter recognized that I needed to get out of the shelter, so they were able to get me a placement at a foster home. Being able to be back in a home situation was just what the doctor ordered and after a slow decompression period my foster mom gained my trust and showed that I can rely on humans again.

In my previous home life, I did not have any interaction with cats or dogs, so my foster mom did a slow introduction to both her large and small dogs as well as her two adult cats. I am happy to report that although I was nervous about the realization that I had to live with other animals, I have soon come to appreciate that if I leave them alone, they leave me alone. I have also recently discovered that I kind of like to play chase and will follow one of the other cats and try to get them to chase me. We are still figuring out the rules of this new game but with supervision from my foster mom any disagreements are quickly and easily sorted out. I am a little bit of a chatter bug and really like to have a discussion with my foster mom about what is happening, what I want to happen and how much I would really appreciate getting my next meal sooner than later. I would like to ensure that you know I am not a yowler or complainer…. I just like to let the human know my thoughts on life.

I have also recently discovered the joys of a good laser pointer but have not yet expressed interest in other toys. I love getting brushed out and have a lovely short tabby markings coat. I have not yet gained the confidence to be a lap cat but recently after 3 weeks of building up my confidence I decided that I wanted to sit with my foster mom as she was crocheting a blanket and watching TV…I soon discovered that this spot was amazing and have now called dibs in perpetuity. My foster mom thinks that this means I am now comfortable enough with her that that my boundaries are slowly breaking down and with continued love and support I may eventually become a lap cat.

So, what do I need from you? I need someone who understands that I may need time to acclimate to a new home when I am adopted. It would be best if there is a room set up that is just for me where I can decompress and get to know you before I have free range of the house. I also need to continue to work on my weight and moving more. My foster mom splits my meals up into smaller meals throughout the day, so I do not overeat and brings out the laser pointer at every opportunity to get me moving. If you have other cats/dogs, I would appreciate the ability to have a slow introduction once I have decompressed and are comfortable in our new home.

I love a good head and bum rub so although I am not ready to be a cuddle bug if you are ready to put the work in on building a solid foundation of respect I will reciprocate, and you may be surprised how quickly I open up and start talking with you. Apply for me today! xo Nali



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