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German Shepherd/Mix


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October 5, 2022

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About Bojan

“Have you ever thought to yourself “I wonder what it is like to own a pony?”, but perhaps don’t want to deal with all the mess that goes along with a fantastic beast like that? If you adopt me you will wonder no more! At 35 lbs before turning four months old I am well on my way to becoming a pony sized shepherd.

My foster mum says they fostered me because I complete their set of shepherds – I’m currently the small one to their medium and large fluffy pups (but not for long!). My senior dog sister is teaching me about something called “boundaries”. Apparently not everyone enjoys it when you jump on them while they’re trying to nap (I know, it was news to me too). My dog brother was initially a little unsure about me because he hadn’t played with any other dogs before. I won him over with my bravery and my personality. We now love chasing a ball together, rolling around on the snow, and somehow all the blankets and pillows mysteriously fall off the couch when we play. The house is haunted, clearly.

I’ve been making progress with housetraining and do best when someone is supervising me and knows my potty signals so they can take me outside. A fenced yard would be best for me so I can have quick access when nature calls, and because I’m going to be a big girl with a lot of energy to let out. I’ve been starting to learn about that “leash” thing. At first I thought it was a little “sus”, as my hooman foster sister says. I get a lot of treats and praise when we go on practice walks so I’m beginning to realize that it might okay.

As a shepherd, I have already started my work patrolling my zone. I like to do my perimeter walks and make sure everything is safe for my hooman siblings. When I’m on a break from my duties I borrow a bone from the big dogs and like to hunker down for a good chew. If you give me a bully stick I will take my prized treat into my crate for some relaxing “Me Time”. I also spend all night in my crate resting up for the next day of puppy patrols.

As a recap – Size of pony, CHECK! Big ears like a pony – CHECK! Mess of a pony – NO WAY JOSE! Apply to adopt me today if you’re ready for a big girl in your life!” – xo, Bojan

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Has had minimal exposure to kittens, was excited to see them but not aggressive

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Yes, Good with Dogs

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Yes, Good with Kids

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