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Retriever, Labrador/Shih Tzu/Mix


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May 12, 2022

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About Solo

“I’m a bundle of love and energy just like a chocolate bar!

Hi, my name is Solo! I might be a little guy, but I act like I’m a big guy. There is nothing I love more than spending time with my foster family and my big foster brother (a dog). I especially love my 4 foster sisters as they are always kissing me, hugging me, carrying me like a baby and playing with me.

I discovered this thing called snow and I absolutely love it, especially when it is falling, and I try to catch it. My big foster brother taught me that I can ring the bells hanging from the patio door and my foster parents let me out, so I have trained them to let me out all the time. I love having a big backyard to play, run and explore. I’m potty trained but still do make mistakes in the house. I need to be reminded to go potty first thing in the morning, before bedtime and when I come back from a car ride, which by the way, I’m still a bit nervous about.

I would love to have another friend to play with all day long as I’m a bundle of energy and need to run and jump. My foster mom works from home so I’m always at her service, whether sleeping on my bed by her feet or sitting on her laps to make sure she is doing the job right. I love to be around her specially in the kitchen when she is cooking as I love food. Sometimes I get in trouble when I try to get stuff from the kitchen counter that is right on the edge. I’ve burned so many calories by playing during the day that I’m always hungry, so my foster mom must measure how much I need to eat.

I absolutely love it when my foster parents take the leash out of the closet to take me on a walk. I have gotten better at walking, but I get so excited and distracted. I’m a bit shy and nervous when it comes to meeting new people or new environments, especially males so I tend to bark and growl at them, but I warm up eventually.

I could use some puppy classes to make sure I make my new family happy. I’m working on building confidence outside in the world and bark because I am afraid sometimes.

I’ve also been kennel trained and am used to spending some time in it during the day! I can even sleep in it the whole night, but really prefer cuddling in bed with my foster parents who are nice and warm.” – xo, Solo

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