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German Shepherd/Mix


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October 18, 2021

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About Corvus

“Hello everyone, it’s me, Corvus!

If this isn’t your first time on the AARCS adoption page, you might have seen me around already. Or maybe you’re new around here, and my handsome face attracted your attention! In any case, now that I have you here, I think explanations are in order: why did I say you may have seen me around before? Well, It’s because I’ve been in the shelter and foster care for a bit now. My first family did not realise I would become a big, big boy, and did not have enough space for me in their small apartment. As for my second family, I don’t think they were ready to handle an energetic dog like me.

So here I am again! Waiting for you. My foster family was surprised at how much of a good boy I am, for a pup who has been looking for his forever home for a little while. Their resident dog is nervous and dog-selective, which is why they are lucky to be fostering a dog like me: I am always extremely attentive and respectful of his space. My foster mom tells me all the time that she has never seen a doggo as socially intelligent as me; and it’s true, I am pretty amazing with other furry friends, if I do say so myself. I was actually one of the tester dogs when I was in shelter, so I have my fair share of experience with all types of dogs and behaviours!

As mentioned previously, I am a large, extremely dynamic pup. If I’m feeling calm or tired, I am an angel around the house. However, once the zoomies hit, I turn into a little bit of a Tasmanian devil. It’s not my fault, though: I wasn’t trained properly like my fellow resident dog, and sometimes my actions are still relatively juvenile, even for a dog my age. For example, I am learning how to ask for attention better. Instead of barking and nibbling at your sleeves, I am practicing grabbing a toy and bumping you with my snoot to communicate my restlessness. I also get told off for trying to use my foster parents’ hands and arms as toothbrushes – when I want to play, I tend to look for anything and everything to put between my jaws. Yelling at me just feeds my hyperactivity, so it’s better to simply make me focus on something else, like asking me to sit, to lay down, or holding a bone to my mouth until I understand that’s what I need to play with.

It truly is a learning process, since I have some fears and issues to work through. Indeed, when I am overstimulated, I become wary of quick movements and of getting grabbed by the collar. I have some bad memories of being handled roughly when reprimanded in the past, and that has definitely stayed with me. So, if I flee when you get up to ask me to stop barking, don’t take it personally. I know I look huge, but in my heart, I’m still tiny and frail sometimes, and I cope not through aggressiveness, but rather through avoidance. You can simply ask me to sit, and once I’ve done that, you will be able to pet me calmly and gently from the chest to the tail. That’s what my foster parents do and I’m learning to trust and love them.

Here’s a tip, though: these bursts of energy can be mitigated and even avoided by playing and walking together twice a day for at least 60 minutes in total, or by running around with my dog friend in a park or a fenced yard for around half that time, then getting some bones or toys to destroy during the rest of the day. I love being stimulated with snuff mats, Kongs and chew toys. Just know that I have a very powerful jaw, so the stronger the object, the better. I particularly enjoy squeaky toys and anything that is made of rubber – and that also means you better hide your flip flops, because I will find them, and they will not survive.

For the rest, I’m just your typical Pitty; I love cuddles, sleeping with my head on your belly, getting my little forehead rubbed while I sleep, and covering your face in big sloppy kisses. And food. I can’t say no to a good treat.

If you’re ready to receive all my love, please let me know… I can’t wait for someone to appreciate all that I can give and accept all that I am!” – xo, Corvus

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Not tested with Cats

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Yes, Good with Dogs

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Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - High energy, low impulse control

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