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I’m an Animal in Care at AARCS





Date of Birth
November 26, 2018

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Veela

Slightly timid

Good day to you Future Forever Family Members! My name is Veela and I want to issue you a challenge. Within me is the sweetest tiny cat with  a brave and loving  heart. In order to find me you just need a little bit of love and patience. That’s because I’m honestly just a little scared of new situations. Once I feel safe you will see the real me that’s bursting with love and fun energy. 

My foster mom is constantly gushing about how soft my fur is and how luscious my pink lips are. Yeesh it’s embarrassing but I do put up with it. She likes to pick me up from time to time and give me kisses. Also embarrassing but I do put up with that for short periods of time as well.  I try to set her straight with my serious cranky cat stare sometimes but she just laughs. People are so weird. 

I am about 2/3 the size of an average cat but I have the purr of a lioness. I have many things to say throughout the day, often involving quiet squeaks but once in a while I will speak loudly which really gets some attention. I am very tidy and scratch the stuff I’m supposed to. 

My favorite play activity is BALLS ! I love playing with them especially small foamy bouncy balls that are easy to carry around. I’m pretty amazing at catching them and batting them around. I’ve pretty much nailed the two handed catch and even manage a one handed grab once in a while. When I am in the mood I will fetch balls to play with my humans. My favorite downtime activity is lap time with my favorite human. I am constantly on the lookout for her chilling out with an empty lap. I also love lots of pets . I recently discovered being brushed. Mmmm that’s nice. At night I spend most of my time curled up on the human bed napping and making sure they are safe. 

When I arrived at this home there were already two other cats there. I did not like them very much at first but we learned to be friends after a short period of time. Occasionally a big dog comes for visits. I still give him stink eye most of the time but he is ok.  I’ve found that sometimes relationships that take a little effort can be the most rewarding. Bringing me in to your family could be a more rewarding experience than you could imagine. If you are interesting in being my pal you should check me out.  xo Veela

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Only tested with large breed dogs

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Not tested with kids

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Animal In Care

This animal is currently an Animal in Care with AARCs and is not available for adoption at this time.

Please note that applications will not be accepted for this animal until they have been posted on our Adoptable Animals page.

Our website is updated daily so please check back on their progress and availability.

Thank you for choosing to rescue!