Hi! My name is

Weta & Katydid





Date of Birth
May 3, 2019

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Weta & Katydid

Bonded Pair – Weta (black male) & Katydid (tortoiseshell female)

Hi! We are Weta and Katydid! We like to play things cautiously in new environments. We will often hide to watch our surroundings to get the lay of the land prior to showing our faces. To make us both comfortable, we will need a patient household who is willing to take things slow and take interactions at our speed as we can both be quite skittish. A quieter home would be preferred for this reason. The following is what our foster mom has to say about us. 

Once Weta is comfortable with his environment, he’s a lap cat that likes to be around his people. He’ll meow for attention and will often interrupt whatever you are doing for chin scratches. 

Katydid is definitely the more timid of the two. She needs the comfort of Weta to feel comfortable. You can tell that Katydid wants to be petted and comfortable in her environment but her fears hold her back. She will often come for pets in the early morning and in the night, right as you are about to fall asleep or wake up but otherwise prefers her own sleeping spots and doing her own thing.

To get this bonded pair comfortable, cat nip, birdwatching, and places for the cats to sit up high to watch the environment are a must. Chin scratches and bum scratches are a love of both of these cats. They need a quiet household and a home that is willing to continue to work on their socialization with human contact and a patient demeanor. These cats will make a great addition to the right household and would love to be given a chance to thrive in their furever home!.

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