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Date of Birth
March 17, 2019

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About Jonesy

“How do you spell adoptable? J-O-N-E-S-Y! I’m a love bug with the sweetest brown eyes you’ll fall in love with! I am a snuggle bug, a very smart boy, and fast learner!

My journey has had its ups and downs but through it all I’ve remained a loving boy who wants nothing more than to be with you! My foster parents have a VERY difficult time not telling me how much of a good boy & sweetheart I am. I don’t ask for much other than your love and affection. I had a previous family who I loved very much but they couldn’t keep me (due to changes in their lives).

I like to know where you are and will follow you around to see what you’re up to. But once I’m settled or in a really good nap I’m okay with you wandering around the house without me. I didn’t like living at the shelter very much but showed my true colours once I was back in a loving family. I LOVE butt scratches, giving kisses, and snuggling! I’m a very good leash walker, you won’t have to worry about me dragging you from tree to tree! Sometimes when I see dogs, I feel the need to yell at them, this is me asking for space. Once home from a walk I crush naps like its my day job, but perk up quickly when you’re ready to play.

I sleep soundly through the night, I like to sleep near you and I don’t make a peep! I’m really good at letting you know when I need to go to the bathroom (either in a yard or on a walk). I don’t love it when you leave so I may try to call out to you to return (bark or howl) but I usually settle down after a while and am SOOOOO HAPPY to see you when you get home! I have excellent manners, I won’t be rude and snatch your dinner off your plates, or beg much (I’ll watch you but won’t whine or bark).

I’m nervous around other dogs I meet, I’ll need some help getting more comfortable with other four legged friends, I can be defensive of my family. I’m really good with meeting new people, I’ll sometimes jump up when I’m excited to meet a new friend but if you remind me to stay down I’ll listen. I’ve met some kids and I quite like them! I’m respectful and gentle with them when I am on a leash, we’ll have to see how things are when I’m free range but I think I’ll handle well around little humans.

I’m a very smart boy who learns so quickly, my foster parents were amazed with how fast I learned to sit, lay down, stay, shake a paw, sit so my paws can be cleaned, and wait my turn to go outside or in cars. I want nothing more than to get love & affection from you so I’ll try my absolute best to do what you ask of me. I’ll need a couple of tries but once I get the pattern/command I don’t need too many reminders. When I’m in a new or unfamiliar place I might not have the biggest appetite but once I feel more at home with a fenced yard, I’ll be the best boy!

SO! If you’re looking for a brown eyed sweetie you can’t say no to, who loves you SOOOO much, and who will work my hardest to be the goodest boy I’m the lovebug for you! Let me be your sweet, brown eyed, best friend.” – xo, Jonesy

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats yet, previously lived with cats

Good with Dogs?

Dog Selective

Good with Kids?

Kids 16+ Recommended

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Jonesy is working through leash reactivity towards other dogs.

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