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Siberian Husky/German Shepherd/Mix


Date of Birth
December 1, 2015

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About Dolly

Dolly is the perfect dog for anyone who wants a doggy companion in their life but isn’t looking for the extra commitment of a younger dog. She is ultra low maintenance and an absolute dream to have in the house. Don’t let her age fool you though, she loves to play and can be a silly girl just like the younger pups! And she loves to snuggle with her people. She will be able to fit seamlessly and with little disturbance into a family who can show her as much love as she shows to everyone she meets.

Dolly was adopted as a puppy from AARCS’ ~6 years ago and recently through now fault of her own had to be given up back to AARCS’. She lived with a loving family during that time so she is already very well trained and you will never have to worry about her house manners. Her fosters always say she is the most flawlessly behaved girl they have ever had in their house. She has never even come close to chewing on something that isn’t a toy or eating any food that isn’t hers, and she enjoys sleeping in even longer than her foster parents, with no worries about bathroom breaks until morning. She loves belly rubs and is super affectionate, but is also content to just lay beside you while you’re busy too.

Dolly likes things to be relatively quiet and will politely excuse herself from the room if there is too much action, so she would do well in a calmer household or one that has an area she can remove herself to if she wants to. She will announce when there are visitors and will very politely and gently greet them at the door for you. She is very excited to play with the other dogs she meets and after proper introductions gets along with them well, but would likely do best being your one and only dog at home.

Dolly’s one and only vice is those pesky little rabbits and squirrels, but with consistent training she is getting better and better at learning to leave them to their business, someday she will be able to leave them alone for good! A well-fenced yard is important for keeping Dolly contained when she’s outside.

Good with Cats?

Probably not good with cats because high prey drive

Good with Dogs?

Dog selective

Good with Kids?

Best with older kids, she is uneasy around younger kids

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Excitable when meeting other dogs on leash, strong, prey drive

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