AARCS Veterinary Needs

These four mini-campaigns are part of our over-all AARCS Capital Campaign. Funds raised will be added to the ultimate goal of $500,000!

Gifts of $100 – $1,999

• Your Name engraved on a permanent plaque at the new facility
• Your Name on our Wall of Support on our website

More levels listed on Capital Campaign page!
10% of $26,500 Goal!


Need Dentals

You can give an AARCS Animal a smile by contributing to the cost of ​our dental equipment. Believe it or not, AARCS spent over $95,000 on dental surgeries for cats and dogs in 2016! We currently have over 30 Animals in Care who are in need of dental surgery commonly caused by neglect causing preventable dental disease to extremely painful abscesses which affect their ability to eat or drink. Animals just like Miranda (Dog), Striker and Newbie (Cats) who are on our long list of animals awaiting dental surgery! Wouldn’t it be great if they didn’t have to wait because we had the equipment you helped provide.

Please consider giving a donation below to help us provide dental equipment for our new Veterinary Clinic.

Dental Equip

60% of $4,200 Goal!


IV for Parvo Puppies

I​ntravenous​ treatment is absolutely ​essential in providing life saving care to puppies who are suffering from parvovirus. Due to the high volume of un-vaccinated animals within rural areas of our province, this fatal virus is very common among many of our rescued puppies which leaves them fighting to survive. Puppies just like Kita (a 10 week old husky x) who have received this exact life saving treatment after being diagnosed with parvovirus. This little one fought a hard fight and thankfully beat this deadly disease after several days of out-patient IV treatment! Let’s keep these fighters in AARCS care by being able to provide these treatments in our very own Veterinary Hospital!

Please consider giving a donation below to help us provide IV pumps(x4) and IV poles(x4) for our new Veterinary Clinic.

Gift of Life