AARCS Veterinary Hospital

A Vet Hospital for Homeless Pets

The first of it’s kind for animal rescue in Alberta, AARCS opened AARCS Veterinary Hospital in May of 2017 on-site at our Safe Haven Shelter located in Calgary. Staffed with veterinarians, registered animal health technicians and tech assistants we are helping thousands of homeless animals each and every year get the medical attention they desperately need.

With two operating suites, a dental suite with dental x-ray, a full-body x-ray machine and fully functional laboratory and pharmacy; AARCS can perform almost anything a normal veterinary hospital can do. From broken bones, gunshot wounds, and mange to deadly diseases such as parvovirus AARCS is here to provide the highest quality veterinary care to those most in need.

The facility is designed to help homeless animals and is not open to the public. As a not-for-profit clinic, we are grateful for the support from the veterinary community as a number of volunteer vets and techs and general public volunteers are assisting in the clinic on a daily basis. With the ability to do anything a regular animal hospital can do we are able to treat all kinds of injuries and illnesses in-house. Including:

• Spay/Neuter
• Vaccinations & Deworming
• Dental Surgery
• Leg Amputations
• Orthopedic Surgeries
• Broken Bones
• Obstructions
• C-sections
• Parvo Treatment
• Gun-shot Wounds
• And much more!


AARCS is a leader in the animal welfare community, and Albertans turn to us for help. Approximately 3,500 animals come through AARCS programs each year. We have an exceptional medical program with some of the highest standards of care in the industry. This provides us with the ability to grant second chances to thousands of homeless animals.

We are always in need of donated medical supplies. Including fluids, bandages, medical equipment, surgery gowns, cones, etc. For information on how you can donate or volunteer please email volunteer@aarcs.ca

How You Can Help!

Although we can provide care and reduce costs, it is still costly to provide extensive medical care to animals in need. In addition, all of the animals AARCS adopts out are spay/neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and provided with parasite treatment. With the hospital now on-site, AARCS has become the go-to organization to take on major medical cases in homeless and abandoned pets.

Your support is greatly appreciated to keep our clinic operating and all donations are tax deductible. Your generosity will make it possible to save the lives of homeless, abandoned and abused animals.

You have the power to change the lives of animals!

AARCS’ Patients at Our Veterinary Hospital!

“The project for a veterinary hospital is essential and will allow the organization to continue to help hundreds of animals, reducing animal homelessness and improving our community. The project will drastically reduce costs for the organization allowing them to have an even bigger impact.”

Dr. Audrey Remedios
Dr. Audrey RemediosB.Sc, DVM, DACVS

“The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew is a very innovative and stable organization. Without them, our organization would struggle to place the many unwanted animals we receive at our clinics and it would be very challenging to implement the new program for the Siksika First Nation.”

Nancy Larsen
Nancy LarsenPresident of the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force

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