Update on White Sox

White Sox was a foster fail and we couldn’t be happier, here’s his “happy tail” …

White Sox came to us as a dog who had never had a family, and in very rough shape. In a few short months he became the heart of our home; as a big brave brother to our small, timid rescue dog and a best friend to my partner and I. As an adult adoptee he was enthusiastic about learning to play and run, and immediately house trained. And what a personality! He is happy to run, play, or just lay next to us, a true companion. Each day we walk together as a family, meet new two and four legged friends, and get so many compliments on how handsome he is. People are always asking what kind of dog he is, to which I proudly say “He’s a Rescue!”. He is a favourite among friends and family, and in his short time with us so far he has enjoyed so many firsts, from sleeping in a home to learning to swim. He has bonded so well with our other dog, they are inseparable! Thank you AARCS for bringing this beautiful boy home to us.

Every day his big brown eyes say thank you – welcoming him into our home was the best decision we have ever made.