Update on Raini

First of all I want to thank you all for finding me and taking me in, in my time of need. You all took such good care of me that I healed really fast and got strong and healthy. It was a very scary time for me. When you found me broken in the ditch in the rain, (I think this is where my name must have come from) I was so skinny with abscesses and porcupine quills in me I must have looked a sorry sight. I had, had puppies and I was still engorged with milk but had lost them all. You looked but could not find even a trace of them. I was alone and very afraid. Then, your team came and took me into your shelter. It was warm and dry and had food, fresh water and kind people to show me tenderness. You took me to a vet who gave me medication for the pain and to help me heal. When I was ready you found me a foster home that I could recover in and get well. So that I could be ready for you to find me a forever home. I must have done something right because my foster mom and dad adopted me into their pack and made me their own. For all of that I thank you so very, very much.

Now I just want to update you on how I have been doing in the past year. I got big and strong and healthy. My people like to run and walk and hike with me. I go out every day and I love to go and meet all the kids and dogs on the pathway. I also like go out to visit. It seems that a lot of our fiends and family also have dogs so I am always welcome to come and visit too. I even get to go to “The barn” I really like this. I get to go and see the barn kitties who l like to watch but have discovered have sharp edges, so I keep my distance. I’m even getting used to the horses. They are big but are very gentle with me. My mom works from the house and I am now her welcoming committee. I like all our clients and I like that they all give me pets and love when they come. Some even bring me cookies and treats! I remembered who they are very fast and they always get a very special extra loving greeting from me when they get here. I also like to learn tricks. I learn very fast and my people were so impressed with me that I am now in agility classes. I LOVE this, I pick everything very fast and even show off a bit. I love my life and I love my people and I have you at Aarcs to thank for everything. Thank you for seeing the potential in a broken sick struggling dog. I know I am not alone and you may not even remember me in all the many dogs that you help out, day to day and year to year. However, I want to show you what your kindness and all your work looks like a year later. Keep up the good work. What you do is important. It is making a difference and it looks like love.

A million thank-yous