Update on Otis

Hi, I adopted Otis, a Chihuahua mix in May 2012…..he was a wonderful little guy, so cute, a real trooper and we had so much fun together.  He was a great companion. We made many car trips to Montana to visit my boyfriend who lives on a farm outside Kalispell. Oti loved it there. We also flew to Kelowna a few times to visit my family. and we just spent a lot of time at home snuggled on the couch. He was a hit with all who met him. He was  such a little character. Our last trip was to Kelowna in August where we stayed at the Sparkling Hills resort for a night. When we were out of the room we had him secure in the big shower, but somehow he busted out and was waiting for us by the door. He was a clever little guy.

When I got him I knew he had rotten teeth and was definitely a senior dog.  As I looked into doing dental work, the blood work and an ultrasound determined he had Cushings syndrome and likely a tumour on his pituitary. This made him high risk for anesthetic so postponed the teeth extraction….he also had luxating patella, and by late March could no longer go up the stairs in our home.  He had many pee accidents and eventually was becoming somewhat incontinent while he slept.  We recently solved that with a little reusable wrap diaper .

He soldiered on and enjoyed life in spite of these challenges, but by late August it was clear the tumour was growing, and he was in discomfort upon our return from our Kelowna vacation.  He had a complete assessment with the Vet at Copperfield; both Dr Sandu’s are very kind, compassionate, yet practical and realistic.  It was confirmed that he was in very bad shape; he was deteriorating by the day.

My daughters and I are heartbroken, but we put him to sleep on Sept 5. We miss him so much and are so thankful we had him if only for a short time.

Best Regards,

Laura Youngberg