Update on Krystal

Seeing updates on a number of our fosters reminded me that I’ve been remiss on my own update and it’s so cool to see how they’ve grown up!  Krystal was foster #7 for us, and fosters 8 & 9 had already come and gone with her still waiting for her forever home.  After her third meeting and people picking one of our other foster puppies, we decided it must be fate and she belonged with us.  It seemed like a good fit as we really wanted our next dog to be super mellow — a great example for all the fosters we hope to have over the years.  But Krystal didn’t get the memo!

Super mellow puppy, turned into super high-energy adolescent….and we absolutely LOVE her!  While she may not always be the most calming influence for our other fosters, she’s accepted every new dog that’s come into the house.  She loves to go wherever we do and would run and play all day if she could.  She goes to daycare a few days a week to burn off extra energy and we try to get her out into the country where she has lots of space to explore on the weekends.  However, when its cuddle time, she’s right there taking up her  ”share” of the couch or the bed while we squeeze in around her!

We had her in some beginner training classes during the summer and have her in another training program this fall and she is so eager to learn.  She is easily distracted but we’re working on it and her focus improves day by day.  We just couldn’t imagine our home without our super sweet and often zoomy beauty around to keep us on our toes and to snuggle up at night.  There was a huge hole in our hearts when we lost our last dog to cancer over the summer…so as the saying goes, it was really her who rescued us!  Thank you AARCS for all you do and for giving us the chance to bring Krystal into our hearts and our home!

~ Vlooswyk/Steele Family

Photos courtesy of www.thousandwoofs.com and www.fureverreflections.ca