Update on Brizzy

Thought it was time for a update on Brizzy,

It’s been exactly one year since Brizzy came into our lives thru AARCS. If you remember she was one of the cattle dogs that came out of the Okotoks puppy mill last August, and well what can I say, what a beautiful little soul she is. From the first time I saw her face on the AARCS website I fell in love with her. We weren’t even ready for the must needed buddy for our 2 yr old Heeler Boo Boo yet, but I needed to meet her! Well the rest is history from the moment we brought her home everyday is a GOOD day, for her and for us. She’s sweet, very kind to her new family (guess who took over as the pack leader), lovingly shy but likes to be around people….maybe not right beside you J but close enough for you to reach out and scratch her J There’s so much more I could go on for days talking about everything that we love about her and what she brings to our family. Ps Boo Boo found his furever partner too!

I met Leanne from Pound Rescue the other day and we got to talking about our “kids” ends up she had the some of the first pictures of Brizzy on the day that she was picked up 1 year ago, my Brizzy, wow.

So, here’s my heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers that are involved on a daily basis with any of the rescue associations that we have here in Alberta, thank you.  Without you guys doing what you do, we wouldn’t have her. Rescue is the way to go!

Super proud of our kids, Jodee and Dallas McKinnon, they just adopted a puppy from AARCS, Badgers new name is Zoey, I’m a Grandma!!