Update on Bailey

From the moment we brought Bailey home (we kept her name) she has been such an asset to our lil family. After loosing our oldest Tippy,only a week before, our youngest Lucy was not quite right… We brought Bailey home and right away Lucy and her started being the best of friends. Bailey has taught Lucy, who is only 3, how to be a puppy – our oldest was too old to play so Lucy wasn’t quite sure about this new member and all her energy.
Bailey’s quirky personality makes people just fall in love with her, she is so sweet and cuddly, her favorites are to lay on the bay window and watch all the goings on outside & to lay on the couch beside us with her head in our laps.

those big ears of hers and the fact that her tongue is constantly hanging out make us giggle all the time! She is no longer a picky eater, we were able to find a food that she loves, so much so that she does donuts in the kitchen at every feeding :) she is a casual eater which can prove interesting when Lucy is done and looking for more. We do have to coax her once and awhile but for the most part she eats well. I think she is slowly gaining a lil weight.

when we first brought her home she really hated having me out of her sight, following me everywhere including the shower…. Which she LOVES!!! She loves the sprinkler and any water source she can find to stick her snout into… Including her water bowl.

She loves going for car rides and walks, she even tries to walk Lucy by grabbing her leash and towing her around the house haha she has adjusted well to her kennel and stays in it only when we are not at home. Her sleeping quarters are either at the bottom of the bed or on the floor right beside it but she always comes up for night time snuggles. She sleeps well thru the night only giving morning kisses when the alarm goes off. Her training has been slow as she is very food motivated but listens to basic commands very well.

We have a huge backyard that allows both our girls to play and run non stop…   We have a had a few issues of her digging holes but are doing our best to find outlets for her to distract from that.
We take our girls to a local daycare once and awhile and she loves playing with all the other dogs, we have taken her to a local small dog park that is not very busy bc we are still in training with ‘come’ when she is called.

She is a very energetic and lovable lil girl and we could not be more blessed to have her in our lives. She reminds us of our Tippy in many ways. We love her so so much and we are truly grateful to Kim for allowing us to bring Bailey home and be a part of our family!!!