Thanksgiving Rescue Tail

Our rescue story starts with our awesome friend Amie near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan . Much of this in her own words, please read on.

The story goes … Fraser Waldron, an RCMP officer in northern Saskatchewan, got wind that a rural community was in need of help to save stray dogs.

“Fraser himself contacted the RCMP plane and asked if they would fly some of the dogs out due to the community being a fly in one. They were horrified to hear of all of the animals in need … they said they would fly a bunch of dogs out every month to help out with the stray and unwanted population. They can fit 18-20 dogs on the plane. Fraser had rounded up all the dogs early in the morning, kept some in the crates he had, some in the yard and others in cells at the jail while it was empty.”

Please remember that this community is a fly in only community and the RCMP planes often flies out empty. So if there is extra space and extra dogs …why not?

“I am part of a closed group in FB that involves people with rescues all over willing to take dogs in and get them to an adoptable level. So I managed to get AARCS to take the dogs as our local rescues were full. I kept them at my friends farm out by Dundurn Sask for the 4 days and had food donated to us from a few friends of mine. Bailey, her two sisters and I took turns walking and feeding and watered them three times a day, usually early mornings and late nights, it took us an hour and 45 minutes to get through all the dogs doing our best to keep them isolated due to none of them having vet care. Then you guys came”

“I should mention too, Fraser and I just have an all out passion for rescuing dogs. We are not an organization, but have previous experience working with rescue groups. We are just a nurse and a cop trying to make a difference for these dogs “

So there we are…the AARCS truck, our rescue team, Amie and her team, Detail Drywall’s trailer and 18 of the friendliest rescue dogs ever at… 4:54 AM on Saturday morning… on a farm near Dundurn Saskatchewan.

They were underway at 5:50 AM.

The drive back was perfect, the weather was just right and they stopped frequently to check on the dogs. Did we mention co-pilots??

They arrived at AARCS Safe Haven around 2:00 PM and there were lots of volunteers to help with…

Unloading all 18 dogs, supplies, extra crates and more.

The journey for some of the animals continued to foster homes in both Calgary and Edmonton. So there you have it, 18 friendly dogs rescued by the RCMP, flown out of the community of Black Lake, stopping in Dundurn Saskatchewan and then into the safe keeping of AARCS. Look for these, and other, interesting dogs – coming soon to our adoption pages!

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  1. arleen says:

    I was at the AARCS shelter the Sunday that these dogs came in, what a lovely group. I am fostering Jacques, a young terrier cross and he is such a lovely boy. Thanks for giving him a future, he will make an amazing companion to some lucky home.

  2. leita says:

    What an uplifting “tail”! Such a “good news” story involving so many caring people should have been broadcast on Canadian news coast to coast to coast. Three cheers for everyone who took part in the rescue! And isn’t it great that AARCS was part of the rescue AND continues to be? Makes a person happy to be part of, and to support, such an organization.

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