Specialized Surgeries on the Rise at AARCS

AARCS has been inundated with animals in need of specialized surgeries!

The following animals have recently or are scheduled for specialized surgeries:

  • Fergie – elbow dysplasia
  • Mylie – Luxating Patella & Femoral Head Ostectomy (“FHO”)
  • Capone – Elbow dislocation
  • Pepper – FHO
  • Oreo – Leg Amputation
  • Blue – Leg Amputation
  • Bear – Colon/rectum surgery
  • Jazz Baby – FHO
  • Boxer – FHO
  • Teeko – FHO

The surgeries alone will cost the organization over $25,000, maybe even $30,000. This does not include regular veterinary costs including vaccines, deworming, microchips, spay/neuter surgeries. These animals deserve a chance at a life without pain and suffering. AARCS is a registered non-profit organization that runs on the generosity of the public. Without donors we could not do what do to help save and rehome homeless and abandoned animals.


  • Donate! Perhaps you can’t afford a large donation, but if you sign up for a monthly donation of $20, that adds up over a year. To sign up as a monthly donor go to Canadahelps.org, search Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society and sign up today!
  • Donate your appreciated securities! Talk to your financial advisor today about you can donate your stocks. Decrease your tax liability and maximize your donation.
  • Organize a fundraiser! Dinner party, poker night, garage sale, birthday party, 50/50 or jeans day pool at your office.
  • Donate your points. Did you know you can donate your areoplan points, shoppers optimum points or HBC rewards points?

Without the help of people just like you, AARCS would not be able to help so many animals in need. Thank you for your continued support!