Sparky’s Story

The Alberta SPCA received a call about Sparky on a Monday morning. It was reported that a few days prior Sparky had had some quills removed from his muzzle. By Sunday he was unable to eat or drink without gagging and by Monday morning he was unable to use his back legs.


“When I first saw Sparky he was lying motionless wrapped in a blanket, his eyes were wide open but he didn’t move at all when I approached, quite unusual for a young puppy. His eyes were bright and he didn’t look ill or have problems breathing and as I looked him over there were no obvious injuries or wounds that I could see, but any movement or manipulation of his body caused him to cry out with heartbreaking sounds of pain. He attempted to stand but immediately fell over it was clear he needed immediate medical attention. Once we arrived at the vet clinic his vitals were taken and to our surprise seemed to be fairly normal. The veterinarian examining him could not find any obvious injuries, including quills that may have been overlooked. An X-ray was taken of his spinal column but there were no obvious breaks or bone trauma. At this point we suspected he may have been hit by a car and sustained nerve or soft tissue damage which may not bode well for his recovery. The veterinarian recommended 72 hours of rest and anti-inflammatories along with pain medication. I left Sparky at the vet clinic to be monitored for improvement over the next 72 hours. As Sparky had been surrendered I had to find him a caretaker. I knew he was going to need someone who could devote a lot of personal attention and care to recover, as well as do everything to save this young puppy who had barely had the chance to experience life. I contacted the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society and without hesitation they agreed to take Sparky. When I returned to the vet clinic 3 days later, Sparky had made some small improvements. He was able to take a few steps before beginning to stagger and lay down. But of great concern was that he held his head at an awkward angle and had a tendency to curl one of his paws under so that the top of his paw made contact with the ground. I was very concerned for his potential to recover but knew he would be in good hands.” - Angie, SPCA Officer

Angie then brought him into Safe Haven and transferred him into the care of the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. It was later discovered that Sparky had an abscess deep beneath his skin from a previous dog bite. The fluid from the abscess was putting so much pressure on his spine, it had the paralysis effect. Once the abscess was found and relieved, he was able to regain full function and movement was no longer an issue. He became his happy-go-lucky self again and went up for Adoption! It didn’t take long for the perfect family to come along, they applied and adopted Sparky, now Fergus, over the Christmas Holidays. We wish Fergus the best in his new, loving home!


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