Safe Haven

AARCS New Safe Haven is located at 5060 – 74 Ave SE, Calgary, AB.  Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for donation drop-off’s or general information.  Donations can also be dropped off after hours in the bins provided at the rear of the building.

AARCS Safe Haven is designed as a temporary, emergency and quarantine shelter. There are NO adoptable animals at AARCS Safe Haven.  For more information regarding the adoption of one of our animals, please visit “Our Animals” to see profiles of our adoptable animals along with the policies and procedures for adoption.

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Designed to Provide:

Temporary Housing

Currently, AARCS rescue efforts are severely limited by the dependency of available volunteer foster homes.  Since 2012, we have been operating at capacity.  What this means is that before AARCS Safe Haven was open volunteers rescuing could only bring in as many animals as we had foster homes for.  With very heavy hearts, rescuers were forced to leave behind animals with a very uncertain future.  Now that AARCS Safe Haven is open, we can provide temporary shelter for those animals until foster space becomes available.

Emergency Shelter

AARCS volunteers encounter many cases of animal suffering not limited to and including things such as starvation, injuries caused by things such as barbed wire, vehicles, bullets, paintball shots, dog fights and various other forms of abuse and neglect. As such, AARCS Safe Haven provides emergency shelter when there is no foster home space available for these animals that are in dire need of rescue due to neglect, cruelty and overpopulation.

Quarantine Shelter

The formidable quest to end animal suffering is compounded by the sheer number of animals needing help, as well as countless types of disease and parasites. This well-equipped, hygienic facility is designed for the appropriate quarantine required by rescued animals when they first arrive into AARCS care. With quarantine such as this we can ensure the safety of our foster homes and their resident pets by preventing the potential transfer of disease.

Headquarters + Operations Centre

AARCS Safe Haven also serves as a shared office, donation drop-off centre and storage facility. It is here that we also provide space for foster home training, volunteer meetings and educational seminars.

AARCS Safe Haven Donations

Donations can be dropped off at 5060 – 74 Ave SE, Calgary, AB. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Donations can be dropped off after hours in the bins provided at the rear of the building.

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Monetary Donations

Running an animal shelter requires not only a lot of time and dedication, but monetary donations are always needed to help pay for things such as maintenance costs, rent and utilities along with veterinary expenses for the many animals that will pass through our doors.

As a registered charity, AARCS will issue tax receipts for donations valued at $20 or more.

• No gift is too small.

A $25 Donation

• will cover the cost for two bags of cat litter or two fleece blankets for puppies.

A $50 Donation

• will cover the cost of a bag of food for a dog or a cat.

A $250 Donation

• will cover the cost to spay/neuter and vaccinate one dog.

A $500 Donation

• will cover the cost of a humane dog trap often required to capture scared, injured or feral animals who require rescue.

A $1000 Donation

• will cover the cost of a rescue and the subsequent adoption of an entire litter of puppies.

A $2,000 Donation

• will cover rent and utilities in AARCS Safe Haven, keeping our doors open for one month longer.

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Volunteering at Safe Haven

Volunteer opportunities at AARCS Safe Have include:

Dog Caregivers + Cat Caregivers:

Responsibilities of the dog and cat caregivers include walking, feeding and cleaning. This is day to day care required for animals currently staying at AARCS Safe Haven. These particular positions require a 3 shifts per month commitment. Shift lengths range anywhere from one to three hours and happen seven days a week, 3 times per day.

Inventory Volunteer:

Inventory volunteers are responsible for sorting, cleaning and storing the donations received at AARCS Safe Haven.

Administrative Volunteer and/or General Shelter Volunteer:

Administrative volunteers are responsible for data entry, as well as a variety of other administrative duties. General shelter volunteers help with all of the tasks involved in the daily upkeep and maintenance of AARCS Safe Haven. Other duties include cleaning and organizing the office and common areas as well as maintaining the outdoor spaces.

To volunteer with us, please visit Volunteer Page.