Rainbow Bridge – Brandi

This week Brandi passed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

From Brandi’s Foster Home:

Brandi was instantly part of the family the minute she walked in the door.  It was like she’d been with us forever.  She made herself right at home….no fear whatsoever.  She immediately established herself as queen of the castle, All the dogs in the house immediately respected her space.  It was not hard to understand how she survived so long on the prairie as she was definitely a dominant girl that was not afraid to fight for what she thought was hers. Evidence in the numerous chunks out of her ears and tongue.  She was tough and tenacious, but at the same time so very loyal and full of love.

We immediately bonded and she followed me everywhere. We spent our mornings driving into town and around the city for work…she sometimes would share “shotgun” with the little dogs, She would let them cuddle up to her on the front seat…I’m sure feeling a sense of motherly duty from all the litters of pups in past years.

She absolutely loved Tim Hortons drive thru (any drive thru really)….she thought food came through every open window. Brandi had an amazing spirit and will to live and experience life to its fullest.  You could see the appreciation in her eyes that she didn’t have to fight for everything anymore….that she had a warm bed and her favorite sleeping spot at night. And food just automatically came to her….the sheer delight at feeding time and the yummy treats that just magically appeared.

This beautiful spirit will live on forever in our hearts.  In such a short time…she made such a difference in our lives.

Read more about how Brandi came to AARCS and why she touched the hearts of everyone who knew her.

A Message from AARCS

AARCS often takes in animals who have medical needs. While Brandi is a special case she is just one of many medical cases that we deal with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. When an animal comes into our care as a medical case, they are assessed to see what can be done to give them quality of life. Animals who are terminally ill, like Brandi who had cancer, are placed into a forever foster home that will let them live out their days with a full belly and knowing love, companionship and dignity. If you would like to know more about helping these animals out, please email info@aarcs.ca or consider becoming an AARCS Angel.

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  1. Jill Lutz says:

    Remember reading her story not too long ago so very saddened to hear she has passed away:( I know her foster family will miss her terribly as well as the AARCS angels who rescued and cared for her. Sympathies to all.

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