• AARCS # A43556414
  • Female
  • Senior
  • Est. DOB: 7/8/2008
  • Breed: DSH
  • Slightly Timid
  • Share Adoptable!


    Photos courtesy of Brown Owl Photography


    “My name is Sistine but sometimes my foster family calls me SASS-tine because I have so much personality. I am (if I do say so myself) an absolutely beautiful tortoiseshell tabby. I love people, and I promise to spend lots of time curled up with ALL the people at my new home, purring of course. (My foster family says I have such a nice purr).

    I’ve lived with people before, I know how to treat my servants (okay, okay, my FAMILY) right. I won’t destroy your carpets, or climb your curtains, or bite, … basically I don’t have any of those bad kitten habits. Kittens are SO overrated! Senior cats like me still enjoy a rousing game of destroy the mouse – but most of the time, I just want to relax in a sunbeam or cuddle up and purr.

    I love people so much. I always greet them by saying hello and giving one of my famous nose-kisses. I haven’t lived with any other animals in a long time so I would be pleased to be the only cat in your life! If you do have other cats, I could probably share, as long as you have lots of room and love for me.

    I’m the perfect cat but don’t take my word for it – my foster mom said she would write me a reference, and you can find it below!”

    Reference for Sistine:

    Sistine is a wonderful cat with a big personality who loves attention! She is a very friendly, cuddly cat and settled into her cat room right away. Whenever someone enters her room, she greets them with a meow, and by shoving her nose into their face, as though she is greeting another cat. Sistine likes to spend her days relaxing, but in the evening she comes alive and loves a good play session.

    Sistine has a bit of the “tortitude” tortoiseshells are known for and she will let you know by growling if she’s upset about something. It is important that her new family is respectful and will pay attention to her body language. For this reason, Sistine would not be good with younger kids who don’t have the maturity to understand when she isn’t enjoying the interaction.

    Sistine is used to being the only pet, but given time, and enough space to be alone sometimes, I think she could be happy with other cats. She can be timid in large, bright, open spaces but she loves people and isn’t a hider so it shouldn’t take much to get her comfortable in her new home.
    Sistine recently had most of her tail amputated (she has an adorable bobbed tail now) but this shouldn’t affect her at all in the future. Sistine is also on a kidney support diet, that needs to be continued indefinitely to maintain the best quality of life for her.

    Don’t miss out! Come meet this sweetheart today! Sistine is saving one of her famous nose kisses just for you.

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      Yes, Medical Special Needs – Sistine is on a kidney support diet which needs to be maintained to ensure the best quality of life for her.