• AARCS ID# A43271927
  • Female
  • Breed: Siberian Husky/Mixed
  • Puppy
  • Est. DOB: 9/25/2019
  • Size: Medium/
  • located in Edmonton

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    Hey, my name’s Darling and I just wanted to let you know that I am ready for my furever home. Some place where I can give lots of love, kisses and someone to play with and cuddle all the time. I hope if you’re reading this, it will be you.

    “I am here to talk to you about Darling who we love to call Fidget, we’ll get into why below and you will understand. Each time we foster a puppy we have an incredible experience and this is the same with Darling. She is great with other dogs, good with cats, and loves little kids. Darling is very smart, cuddly, and playful, loves to talk back while you look away and pretend to ignore her, and just all around has a beautiful soul. We have had Darling for twenty two days now and we have worked with her on sleeping all night, going for walks on a harness and leash, going outside when she has to go, and staying in a kennel at night and while we are out. She learned all of these things very fast and picked up so much more. Like when they get their treats at night, she runs in and lays down in the kennel and waits for her treats, unlike at the beginning when she would just stick her head in and try to steal whatever treat she could get out of the jar. We have come to call her Fidget because she is truly fidgety, she puts her paws on your hands no matter how many times you move them away and will take ten times to lie down and be happy. She has unique colors even in her paws, one of her paw pads being black then the other being pink. As well as her beautiful eyes changing colors from green to blue to grey and many more. After a year of fostering, you tend to fall in love once or twice. There was no exception with Darling aka Fidget. We love everything about her and know that you will too. Expect a best friend and loving family member to be beside you through it all. The more love you give her the more she gives back. She truly loves to play, and talk like a Husky does. She has been our first Husky and my son has always wanted one and if we could keep her we truly would. All her characteristics are so much fun, we have watched her learn so fast and figure out things just by watching you do it and waits for you to leave so she can copy you and get into things. As I write this I laugh and have a couple of tears but know she will be going to a great family and get as much if not more love than she has been getting here. Thank you for listening and accepting all the love from this beautiful little angel.”

    A incredibly funny character and bundle of love.

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