• AARCS # A43239413
  • Female
  • Kitten
  • Est. DOB: 08/20/2019
  • Breed: DSH
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    “Hi, hello, whats up, are you listening, pay attention to me, look at how cute I am, hellooooooo, oh there we go, I have your attention now! I’m Canjive, have been know to yell until I get your attention. I love attention, and pets, and you! I came into the shelter with my sister Candance and brother Cansway, we all had a pretty bad case of the sniffles. It’s not too fun dealing with a cold in a shelter, but thankfully these awesome hoomans broke us out. We were given some yummy probiotics, lots of TLC, some steamy spa time, and suddenly our sniffles disappeared!

    Our foster parents have these weird big cat things they call dogs, they have three of them! The biggest one (50 pound border collie mix) is named Layla and we all love her. She cuddles us whenever we want, let’s us try to steal her food (before the hoomans catch us and take it away), and let us play with all of her floofy tail hair. The medium sized dog (30 pound, lab something rather) is a bit much sometimes, they say she’s a baby just like us. She’s nuts I’m telling you! She just wants to play 24/7 but is too big for us, our foster parents keep a baby gate up so we can make a great escape when we are done playing. They also have this one dog who is smaller than us (7 pound Chihuahua, AARCS foster Rosalita)! She’s awesome, it’s like we have our own living toy. We love to play with her, we would play with her all the time if we could, but we also all love napping…. Sometimes she gets a little too rough, even though she has almost no teeth, so we just jump on something she can’t reach for a quick break. The hoomans say Candance loves the dogs most but I also adore them! I don’t cuddle with them too often but I sure love to play with Rosie.

    The hoomans also have a tonnnnn of reptiles, we love to watch them. We really love the tortoise table because it has these really warm lamps that are like the sun. We made a compromise with our hoomans and they gave us our very own heat lamp to bask in. When we aren’t playing with Rosie, eating, or snuggling Layla, you can find us chilling there!

    My favorite place to chill is in my bed under the heat lamp. I love to just sprawl out, legs out belly up, that’s the way to relax I’m telling you!

    My foster mom says I’m a bit of a brat when it comes to photos, but can you really be a brat when you’re this stinking cute? I love to annoy her by looking extremely concerned when she’s trying to take photos of me! I have even snapped out of a great nap to strike that face, she says I looked so adorably relaxed before doing that… But hey that’s no fun! Gotta keep her on her toes and my photos looking silly. I also like to run away right as she’s trying to take photos of me, guess you’ll just have to see how cute I am in person. If you want a sneak peak you can check out my siblings photos, they look just like me! If it wasn’t for our collars our foster parents would not be able to tell us apart at all!!

    At night I like to play with my sister Candance until I’m tired enough for a solid nap. She normally likes to bug me for a bit after I’ve settled down so I just pretend to be asleep until she finds something else to bug. I am very energetic and I would love to have other fur friends to play with!

    I can’t wait for you to come play with me, and give me treats, and butt rubs, and treats, and cuddles, and perhaps more treats??! See you soon!”

    Canjive is such a silly little girl, she will sure give us an earful if we aren’t living up to her standards of giving attention. She loves to be where you are and be involved. Its adorable but is a bit tricky when it comes to cooking or doing dishes… She is quickly distracted with food or our foster pup Rosie though! As long as she’s still in the same room, she will settle for the distraction instead of being up on the counter. She adores her scratching posts, and knows to use them instead of the furniture. Shes super smart and has even figured out some of our dogs puzzle toys! She would do best in an active household, she would prefer to have a furry friend to beat up… I mean play with most of the day. She will play with cat toys sometimes but really prefers to play with another critter instead. Well unless the toys have catnip… She will go crazy for cat nip!

    One night her sister broke into the catnip container, Canjive quickly took advantage of the situation and was soon covered in it. She was quite happy with this, we found her completely sprawled in the pile and smiling! There are no bad days with her in the house, she will do something silly to cheer us up if were having a rough day. Occasionally she will even take a break from playing to jump on my chest and lick my eyebrows until she gets alllll the pets. She will purr and kneed away the whole time, its pretty stinking cute! We’re sure you will love this silly girl as much as we do!

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