• AARCS ID# A43204369
  • Female
  • Breed: Rottweiler/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 11/11/2018
  • Size: Medium
  • located in Calgary

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    “Hi! My name is Neve! I am a very loving, intelligent, and sweet girl. All I want is love and to make my humans happy!”

    “I am a great walker on a leash and I love learning new stuff. I love direction and appreciate when my foster mom tells me what to do. It has helped me become more confident and an even happier and precious girl!
    On walks my foster mom will ask me to “sit”. I always listen and sit. I know if I do, my foster mom will lightly scratch and massage underneath my chin which I love and can’t get enough of!
    My foster mom says I am very affection motivated and obedient.
    Although my foster mom is right about me loving affection, I love food just as much! I have hearty appetite and I never turn down yummy treats.
    At home, I am learning to take space from my foster mom. After our morning walk, she will tell me to go to my “place” (my bed) and I am not allowed to follow her around unless she gives permission to. Sometimes, I feel this urge for affection and leave my “place” to sneak up on my foster mom for attention. But my foster mom is firm and reminds me to go back to my “place”.
    I am very good girl who is crate trained! When my foster mom leaves home, I love my crate. It makes me feel safe and secure until she returns. Also, I love my crate at night, when everyone goes to bed. I settle and rest better sleeping in my crate!
    I have a foster sibling who is a small dog. Smaller than me! I get along with him well- giving him large wet and random smooches occasionally, but I don’t quite understand this new concept of “play” yet.
    I enjoy collecting all his toys and bringing them to him, but I don’t exactly understand why he enjoys fetching or squeaking his toys. Sometimes, he paws my back or neck asking to “play” but I don’t understand what he wants. My foster mom says I am still in the process of learning how to “play”.
    I think my favourite part of the day is nighttime, before bedtime, when my foster mom lets me join on the couch for her nightly teatime. I lay there calmly, with my head on her lap and she will rub and scratch my head, ears, and belly while she reads or watches TV.
    My foster mom says I am ready and will make a great loyal and loving canine companion to somebody who is looking for one!”

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