• AARCS ID# A43204354
  • Male
  • Breed: Shepherd/Siberian Husky/Mixed
  • Puppy
  • Est. DOB: 6/1/2019
  • Size: Large
  • located in Calgary

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    Pluto’s the name, and friendship’s my game!

    “Pluto is an energetic, curious and loving young boy. He’s only lived about half a year on this planet, and he still has a lot to learn. Luckily, he’s already studying the art of “”the pet dog””, and he is proving to have loads of potential. He’s proud to “”sit”” for full body rubs or for a treat. He has top marks in kissing faces and giving a paw. He’s discovering that foods like kibble and frozen carrots are fun, but working for peanut butter, hot dogs and cheese are even more exciting. He’s happy to learn new skills like “”lie down””, “”stay””, “”touch”” and even cool party tricks like “”spin””. This boy surprises me everyday with his smarts and personality, over all an A+ student.

    Pluto is 90% house trained and will ask to be let out if you know his cues. He is also crate trained, and will sleep quietly through the night after 1-2 minutes of making sure you know he will miss you. He is pretty talkative during the day, mostly in squeaks, grunts and whines which he practices while he learns to pet-dog. Pluto is eager to play with toys, with you or by himself, but does have a short puppy attention span and needs variety to stay interested. We use strictly enrichment for meal times (no food dish) to ensure he works his big brain multiple times a day. Pluto wants nothing more than to live up to his shepherd mix roots. He practices with his nose everyday, and can easily dig for and find buried kibble in the snow. Pluto has always been very alert and curious. This also means he is a sensitive soul, and is very aware of his surroundings. He loves exploring new parts of the home, but sometimes needs extra time. Attempting to go down the large stair case to the front door has proved pretty scary. We take things slow and know he will make it past the third step when he’s ready. Pluto had pretty limited exposure to new things as a baby before AARCS rescued him. For this reason, normal things us might be strange or scary to him and might take him extra time to understand. We have been practicing vacuuming the house while he’s crated with a kong, folding laundry while he plays with toys, having people over wearing hats, carrying boxes, etc. to help him experience weird human things in a positive way. Pluto does well on lead in the home and yard, but still needs to practice walking the neighbourhood on lead once he’s fully vaccinated since outdoors can sometimes overwhelm him. An experienced family who will do things slowly and not push him too far too fast is ideal. Using treats, his positive “”yes”” marker and love this boy grows more confident everyday! We haven’t quite found Pluto’s favourite food yet, although hot dogs are a top contender. Maybe you have the perfect treat in mind for Pluto? He would love to cuddle it out of you, and maybe you’ll rub behind his ears! This boy needs a smart, creative, patient and committed family to welcome him into their home. If encouraged and reinforced, I believe this focused and fast paced boy could enjoy doing obedience, agility or nose work. Think you have the right home and experience for Pluto to tag along? He’s been waiting for you his whole life and can hardly wait to hear from you.”

    This chipmunk won’t last long! Come meet Pluto and spark a friendship for life.

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