• AARCS ID# A41932777
  • Male
  • Breed: German Shepherd/Mixed
  • Puppy
  • Est. DOB: 9/12/2018
  • Size: Medium
  • located in Calgary

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    Hi! My name is Thor, as you can see I have it all! Looks, smarts and i am sweet to boot!

    Thor was rescued from people who had no patience or knowledge of what goes into a dog. He didn’t have a name, toys or food when we picked him up. He had never seen a vet and all he had was a harness a rubber ball and dirty fur. When I got into the car with him he just wanted to be close, lick us and wag his tail. We learned very quickly that he had no basic command manners but he was house broken. We named him Thor so that he could start learning commands such as sit, lay down and take nice. Hes done well with these commands and is learning more. Thor is a very smart boy and is now understanding that he gets treats when he does something right, and for a dog that is highly food motivated he is catching on. Hes soft and cuddly now and loves water, bath time and will lay down to be brushed.

    We were told that he is good with cats, dogs and children. So far we know he’s good with our large Shepherd Loki, and he’s great with kids. The youngest Thor has been around is my 3 year old nephew, whom Thor followed around for popcorn and hugs. He was at a house with a cat and there was no issues. He seems to know they are there but he really wont care too much after becoming desensitized to them being around.
    Everyone who has met Thor has fallen in love with the little guy and I have no worries about his potential family meeting him and falling in love with this sweet dude immediately.

    Thor is house trained and does give you some warning but we let him out every few hours. He does wake my husband up as soon as his alarm goes off by standing on him or rolling around until he can get up and go outside with his foster brother. He is fine for up to 9 hours in a kennel this is the longest he has had to be alone. Thor will not bark at you in the kennel just do a happy paw dance to be let out. I don’t think he will do too well if you constantly stick him in there as he does have a lot of energy that needs to be burnt off before he would have to go back in. His barking is something we are working on. He barks at things that scare him and is learning calm and that he wont get any attention if hes barking. Again he is a puppy and needs to learn what he doesn’t need to bark at.

    He was starving when we got him and a little underweight, we have moved him to adult food and he is LOVING it. He goes a little crazy for food, treats or human food so we have to keep an eye on him. Thor does eat fast but now that we have him on a schedule he is learning he can eat a bit slower but he is still a food starved boy that just needs to know his dinner is coming. He does like to try to eat our dogs food so we kennel Thor while they are both eating and he is fine to go to kennel to eat his dinner and come out when everyone is done.

    Thor also LOVES cuddling, laying on you, sitting on you or sleeping on you. Take your pick and he’ll be there! We let him sleep on our bed at night as he just lays at my feet and goes right to bed and usually will not move until his morning wake up call.

    He walks well on a leash for a pup, he does stop a few times to smell the flowers and pulls at the start of walks. He has a ton of energy to burn and has been learning that he needs to calm down while walking and Heel so that he can walk longer.
    His favorite new treats are Kongs filled with peanut butter and crunchy treats, he likes to play with any kind of ball big or small. I think he will be a great dog for throwing and catching if someone is willing to work on him with it.

    You should have a fenced yard with this guy as he really likes people and animals and is interested at what is going on on the other side. He did well out camping with us and is learning he has limits of where he can go and hes working on it.

    My wish is that Thor goes to a loving home that is willing to work on his basic commands and give him all the love his lacked in his short life. He is a resilient little guy who keeps giving people a chance. It will take a bit for him to open up to you but once he does hes going to be the best companion.

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      Good with Cats?
      Yes, Good with Cats
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      Yes, Good with Dogs
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      Yes, Good with Kids
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      Does this Animal have Special Needs?
      He is a puppy and needs to have someone who is willing to continue teaching him