• AARCS # A41661221
  • Male
  • Kitten
  • Est. DOB: 04/07/2019
  • Breed: DSH
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    Photos courtesy of Paige Woodbury Photography

    “Hi, I’m Jaun… no, not Juan. Jaun… as in Jaundice.

    Someone was feeling funny the day they named me, the yellow cat, Jaun. Yes, I’m yellow. I’m also sweet and lovely and a very nice boy. At least that’s what my foster mom says. She also tells me I’m a goof. I can’t help it. There’s this thing, it follows me around all the time and when I whirl around to get it, it disappears. I spin and spin trying to catch it, but it just keeps getting away. My foster mom tells me it’s just my tail, but I don’t believe her. I’ve seen my tail and that’s not it.

    I purr on sight. If you even look at me, I may start purring, and if you pet me, I will definitely start. I love people and I love other cats. I play really well with my foster brothers and I’m very respectful of my foster sisters personal space (sometimes girls can be so cranky). My favorite game is Tunnel and my favorite toy is a stuffed mouse. My foster home has a whole bunch of cat tunnels and I can run around those things all day. One day I thought it would be a great idea to take the tunnel upstairs. I grabbed hold of it and marched over to the stairs, but it kept getting stuck. My foster mom was laughing so hard she was crying. I just could not get that thing to follow me up the stairs no matter how hard I tried. Once she stopped laughing, my foster mom helped me get it upstairs and, as I thought, it was lots of fun playing with it up there. By the next morning, it was back downstairs but my foster mom told me she didn’t want to know how I did it.

    I’m not all about playing. I do like a good snuggle. Whether that snuggle is with another cat or a person doesn’t matter to me. When I cuddle with my foster mom, I give her great big head butts to let her know how much I like her and then I settle in and purr myself to sleep.

    I’m looking for a forever home that has another cat. I’m a very social boy and love to play so I would like a four-legged friend to play with.

    If you would like to come meet me and see how amazing I am at the tunnel, click the adopt button.”

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