• AARCS # A41610119
  • Female
  • Young Adult
  • Est. DOB: 11/07/2017
  • Breed: DSH
  • Slightly Timid
  • Share Adoptable!


    “To Whoever are going to be my people, I am Deltoid, a.k.a. Delta.

    I know, I know, Deltoid is not a great name for a girl. This is what happens when they run out of decent names, you get to be named after a muscle.

    It took my foster family some time to convince me that humans are nice. They showed me how brave I am and showed me that being brave is a good thing. I learned what treats are and I really love treats. I will do anything for treats, even sit in your lap. I am not a lap kitty, at least not yet. I am unsure about being touched but I will tolerate you petting me when I eat or get treats.

    As per protocol, I will gently hiss at you but still politely sniff your finger. I will tell you all about my day and sit right by you really close as I really like you but I am just starting to learn that human touch is safe.

    I really want you to know that I love, really, like really love to play and I can fly. You should come see my stunts. Have you tried chasing Da Bird toy that makes all the funny noises? Have you tried playing with Da Mouse that moves fast and feels like a real mouse? So much fun!

    My foster parents want to share a few of their thoughts about me and the family that would be perfect for me but, don’t you listen to them, I am perfect…”

    Delta likes to eat her toys. Many of them and every single piece of them if they look and feel like a real pray, so you have to hide toys and bring them out only for playtime.

    She can’t be free-fed as she has a voracious appetite and inhales her food like she has not been fed ever. This is positive as she is food motivated and you can use food to train her.

    Delta is just learning about living as a normal cat and being part of the family. She really loves humans, she is extremely curious, and brave. The vacuum doesn’t scare her and the broom is entertaining.

    She probably would be better in a family without young kids at this time as she is still learning to trust humans, and learning what it means to be a household cat.

    We are unsure about dogs and other cats. Even though she came from a multi cat situation, it might take time to integrate with other cats. Lots to learn and discover about her.

    “Come write my story with me as I have not defined my full potential yet.”

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