• AARCS # A41262539
  • Female
  • Adult
  • Breed: DMH
  • Extremely Shy
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    Photos courtesy of Jane Elizabeth Carter Photography

    Reba, is a shy, QUIET, mature Cat.

    Reba came to me April 9, 2019 and delivered her kittens in my home the following day, because of the speedy arrival of her 3 beautiful kittens I was unable to introduce her to my dogs.

    Consequently Reba does not seem to have had much human contact, but does seem to crave it. When you scratch her behind the ears she will nuzzle into your hand, but after a few minutes she seems to remember she is shy and she will back away from you.

    During the entire 10 weeks she was in my home, she never tried to leave the room that she was in, even when the granddaughters forgot to close the door. Best Case scenario for Reba would be if she went to a home with humans that are looking for a cat that may take a bit of work to bring her out of her shell. I think with proper introductions she would be fine with another cat or two. She was untested with dogs as I did not want to risk it when she had kittens around, when the dogs barked or ran across the floor upstairs she did not seem to react, so a small dog maybe okay with a bit of time and patience.

    If you like the strong silent type, Reba is the cat for you!

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