• AARCS ID# A41145727
  • Male
  • Breed: Retriever, Labrador/Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mixed
  • Puppy
  • Est. DOB: 10/24/2018
  • Size: Medium
  • located in Calgary

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    Photos courtesy of Luna Photography

    Handsome young rascal looking for his furever family! Remember Kenzo!? Also known as Kenny, KenKen, Kenzo bear, little man, and “what’s in your mouth?! You might recognize this handsome young man from AARCS social media pages. He’s somewhat of a celebrity these days and won’t let you forget it! He’s had a rough start to life but his charming personality and full-body snuggles could win over even the coldest of hearts.

    Once upon a time, little Kenzo’s unfortunately lost a fight with a vehicle, resulting in multiple serious limb injuries! He was found injured and alone, and was admitted into AARCS care in terrible pain. Given the extent of his injuries, his future looked uncertain. Thankfully, his rear leg was surgically repaired by one of Calgary’s best orthopedic surgeons and he worked diligently (ie: sassed his foster mom the whole time) on his physiotherapy. Today you almost wouldn’t notice he’d had any issues in his back end! He also had irreversible nerve damage to his front leg leaving him without feeling or function below the elbow. Nothing slows a rambunctious puppy down like a floppy leg! So, the AARCS vet team made the decision to amputate. The day after surgery he leapt off the bed, ran downstairs and tackled his foster sister. He hasn’t slowed down since….

    Kenzo currently shares the house with a chihuahua, 2 big dogs, and a cat. He does well with everyone but can be a little too excitable for the smaller animals. His intentions are good/playful though, not prey-driven, so he could certainly go to a home with any animals providing proper introductions are made.

    He’s also met plenty of kids (he even got to go to school for a day! ) and absolutely loves them. Obviously, as a puppy, he still requires supervision around the younger ones since his spatial awareness can be lacking at times!

    Kenzo hangs out free in the house with his friends while his person is away. He used to spend his days in an x-pen, though he started escaping! A closed room or blocked off area/x-large crate would be suitable as well. He still has the occasional accident in the house when left for longer periods of time but is generally house trained. He does have an incredibly loud bark that he uses while playing and expressing his feelings about various things so apartments/townhomes won’t be ideal.

    This funny, sassy, cuddly, lovable guy can’t wait to find his furever family now that his medical issues are a thing of the past! Apply today!

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