• AARCS ID# A40695050
  • Male
  • Breed: Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 2/2/2017
  • Size: Medium
  • located in Calgary

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    However badly you might want to meet Haedes, I promise you, he’d like to meet you even more.

    Haedes here,

    I’ve been permanently saved from the shelter and have now been in foster care for almost two weeks!! I’m so relieved! I was surrendered off the reserve and went back and fourth from foster care to the shelter before I found this foster home. The shelter made me so so sad… but a warm home to stay in makes me so so happy! My foster mum says I’ve changed a lot since I showed up. I may have been ready to cuddle our first night, but it took me some time to trust this big, new house and my leash in this big, new neighborhood led by these two new people. It was a lot of new, and I’m just one pup! Now mum calls me a star, but I don’t even know what the heck that means. All I know is I love to focus and receive treats! It’s so nice to know what’s expected of me, I just love to please my people. I also love belly rubs, head scratches, and laying on top of you, maybe even more than treats. Wait, I take that back, treats are life. Unless I’ve eaten them already, then I’ll go back to laying on top of you, thanks in advance. Since I’ve figured this place out now, I can let the puppy inside out! Mum used to say I was “an old soul” but suddenly I turned on a puppy switch and all this extra energy and joy crept in and now she says I act more my age. It’s just so much fun to play fetch, and some gentle tug. I also have been caught chasing my tail a few times, but I swear it needed a stern talking to. Mum said it would bode well for me to mention that I also happen to like sitting on feet while you’re on the couch watching Netflix, which I’m told is a bonus and very useful on cold yyc nights. I would love even more to sit up there with you, but mum says that’s not allowed in her home, so instead I dream. I wish for you to have couches I can cuddle with you on, that’d be very good.

    So training is going well, or so I’m told. I just really like food and attention. Makes things easy for me, and easy for mum and dad. I know a bunch of commands now, let me brag, “no”, “sit”, “stay”, “wait”, “down”, “leave it”, “lets go” and “stay close” are some of my favourites. “Drop it” , “get” and “paw” are in still in the works. Sometimes I need some encouragement if distractions are high, but a little patience is all I need. My foster mum is always talking about my new door manners. When we started I would get anxious at the door and then liked to drag my people out and back in at the end. They’ve noticed that doors can startle me sometimes, so having a job to do like my “sit” “stays” and “waits” that I’ve learned are really useful for me to feel in control at entry ways and gates. Mum says she like’s how polite I’ve become, but all these clear expectations make me feel better and less nervous too. I’m looking for a confident leader to help me with some of these new scary experiences I’ve been having. Mum says new experiences are a part of life, so I’d really like a family to help me find my confidence. Btw, bet you’ve been wondering about house training… but I haven’t had a single accident in the home! I much prefer going outside, and will whine at the door if it’s an emergency. Hopefully you like to play dress up, I’m a big baby in this cold weather. A warm coat and some booties are my style.

    It turns out I’m not crazy about being left home alone, it just makes me sad. However, once you’re gone I’m good at playing alone, chewing my kong, and keeping quiet; the downstairs tenant even said so. I think cats are too interesting to live with, but an older kid or two would be so fun to play with. I like predictable people that give me time at first if I need it so that I can go to them. Then, I quickly become the master of melt. Don’t worry I’m not that heavy, just in case I miss the floor and land on you. Mum think’s I’m pretty strong, but I’ve gotten so good on my leash that it’s not a problem anymore. I love to “stay close” and sometimes I get treats just for standing next to her, how nice! Dogs are interesting but also intimidating. I’m unsure of what each one wants from me and can get protective and defensive, so I need some coaching through introductions to build a positive foundation. Right now I’m working on looking to my mom for my decisions, instead of handling things on my own. Strangers are really nice, and it’s ok if some just want to walk by me. I really do prefer the ones that pet me, so long as they don’t rush me, no one appreciates that. It’s fun to sit for them and smell them while they obsess over me. What can I say, I’ve been very popular with everyone I’ve met. I bet I’d be popular with your family too.

    Haedes will melt your heart and fill your lap. The time has come. Apply to meet this 50lb lap dog you never knew you needed.

    • AARCS_cat
      Good with Cats?
    • AARCS_dog
      Good with Dogs?
      Haedes can become fearful and defensive with other dogs. He needs a leader to help coach him through these experiences with proper intros.
    • AARCS_KidTested
      Good with Kids?
      Haedes LOVES people, but preferably those that are more predictable. He can be unsure/fearful of young children’s unknown intentions. He would love a couple siblings over 8 years, and would just need space to trust a mature/well behaved child who’s slightly younger.
    • AARCS_SpecialNeeds
      Does this Animal have Special Needs?
      Yes, Behavioral Needs

      Needs confidence building and coaching through new experiences and interactions with other dogs