• AARCS # A40359764
  • Female
  • Kitten
  • Est. DOB: 09/12/2018
  • Breed: DSH
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    Peechee is a sweet, active, very playful kitten who loves to cuddle…and sit on your shoulder!

    Peechee and her two brothers have come to AARCs from another rescue group, so they were a little older than most kittens when they came to my foster home. The boys were snapped up almost right away and have already moved on to their furr-ever homes, but Peechee has enough energy that I hardly notice that we have one kitten instead of three in the household! The reason there are not many ‘action’ shots of her is that once she gets going all pictures are simply a small orange blur against a toy-strewn background. She’s also so friendly it seems like she’s been here forever, not just a few weeks.

    Peechee would do best in a home with at least one other cat – either another kitten or an older cat. If you are looking for a playful kitten who will liven up your older cat, look no further: this kitten TOTALLY has the skills. She would not be a good fit in a household where she would be left alone, without other cats or humans, for long periods – when she feels lonely she sings the blues!

    Peechee is also best for those who love to cuddle – she is a demanding lap cat and will boop your nose or lick your lips if she feels that not enough petting/attention is forthcoming. She will also attempt to stick her head inside your mouth entirely if you are so foolish as to yawn at her when she is after your attention. But if you have to get up, no worries: she will perch on your shoulder like a pirate’s parrot (or now that she is getting bigger, drape around your neck like a furry, purry scarf) and go where you go. If she wants to cuddle and you are standing and NOT picking her up (silly human, I’m right here!), she will climb you like a tree to get to her favorite perch.

    This kitten is just BURSTING with personality, come meet her today!

    Choose Peechee and you will never be lonely again!

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