• AARCS # A40329758
  • Male
  • Young Adult
  • Est. DOB: 07/24/2018
  • Breed: DSH
  • Slightly Timid
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    Photos courtesy of Debby Herold Photography

    “To be honest, I’m not sure why they decided to name me Butler since I plan on being the one pampered for the rest of my life and not the other way around. I don’t ever plan on helping with the household chores but I can add to your family in many other ways!

    If you need protection from those scary fuzzy mice on the floor or that fast red dot on the wall, I will be the first to the scene to attack and save my family! If you drop some food on the floor, I will make sure to eat it up quick so you don’t need to pull out the broom. I’m just a helpful guy!

    I’m a pretty great boy with tones of personality! Before coming to AARCS I didn’t get to interact with these things called humans very much so they’re very fascinating to me. I like to hang out with my humans, and follow them around in the house. I greet them at the door every time they come home. I’m quite friendly, and love to meet new humans. I’m getting used to my life as an indoor cat, and I must admit I love it! Sofas and beds are super comfortable for napping, the caned food is just delicious, cat treats are pretty awesome and the toys are just the best. I’m super playful, and I just love to chase the feather wand and play with those fur balls. I could do it for hours. I also love other cats, and I’m a great companion. I’m kind to the kittens, respectful of the old grumpy resident cat, and I’m just a great friend for the younger adult cats in the house.

    There is only one small caveat you should know, I don’t want to be touched. Don’t get me wrong, I’m friendly and I like to engage with humans; however, for some reason, I’m still afraid of those hands. I do observe the other cats getting head scratches and belly rubs, and they do seem to like it a lot, so maybe I will get there some day; I’m just not there yet. One of the other foster cat did trick me into getting neck scratches. I was cuddling with her as she was cuddling with my foster mom, and my foster mom scratched my neck. I loved it! I purred and all, but to be perfectly honest, I thought it was the other cat grooming me… I was surprised when I realized it was my foster mom. I’m hoping that soon I can enjoy getting pets from my foster parents like I see my other feline friends get.

    I really want to interact, I just need to figure out how. I think having positive feline role models is really good for me, so I would love to go to a place where there is one or more friendly cats. I hope my new family will be patient and show me the ropes on how to be a cuddly cat! Could you be the one to help me come out of my shell?

    I already came such a long way, and with just a little more time, love, patience and cat treats, I can truly become your best friend.”

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      Good with Cats?
      Yes, Good with Cats
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      Good with Dogs?
      Not tested with Dogs
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      Good with Kids?
    • AARCS_SpecialNeeds
      Does this Animal have Special Needs?
      Yes, Behavioral Special Needs (Friendly and outgoing; however, he does not want to be touched.)