• AARCS # A40325717
  • Male
  • Adult
  • Est. DOB: 12/7/2016
  • Breed: DSH
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    “Hello there, I’m Forbes!! The lovely people here at AARCS are still trying to figure out if I’m a cat or a large chipmunk due to my big chubby cheeks, but you’ll have to adopt me first before I tell you which is right.

    I’ve heard my caregivers boast about how laid back and sweet I am, so it must be true! I do like to play with a toy or two when I’m by myself, but I’m much more entertained when my favorite humans are around. They know how to give me these great things called chin scratches, cheek massages, and cuddles! They also know how to prepare my favorite food (any kind that comes from a can or crinkly bag) and make sure I have plenty of comfy blankets to nap my day away in the sun. How do I repay these humans for their services? Well… first of all, my soft purr will lull anyone to sleep so I can make sure you’re on a good sleeping schedule. I will lick all of the plates in the dishwasher clean so you won’t need to spend money on dish soap. Finally, I will make sure you’re never lonely since I will always be right beside you!

    My funny quirk is that when I meow, I always stick my tongue out of my mouth at the same time which makes everyone laugh. Come down to meet me so you can see how adorable I am in person and I’ll show you my trick!” – XO, Forbes

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