• AARCS # A40325712
  • Male
  • Adult
  • Est. DOB: 12/7/2016
  • Breed: DMH
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    “Hi I’m Wistan and I’m on the hunt for a new best friend! Maybe that could be you? Below are some of my best traits so hit the “Adopt Wistan” button if it sounds like we could be compatible (which I find hard to believe we wouldn’t be).

    Likes: Food, chin scratches, head scratches, butt scratches, chasing string, cuddling on the couch while watching movies

    Dislikes: Sleeping alone, the outdoors, when my food bowl is empty, when people call me pretty instead of handsome

    Hidden Talent: Taking up 90% of the bed at night even though I’m way smaller than the humans

    Best Qualities: Being very outgoing and having no fear of running up to new people for cuddles, having impeccable litterbox etiquette, was born with the most stunning grey/silver fluffy fur that is soothing for humans to touch

    Food Restrictions: Although I love food I do need to be on a urinary diet (C/D) for life to make sure I don’t get urinary crystals! I think this food tastes scrumptious and I eat it up in a matter of seconds. It can be found at any vet for the same price as any high quality cat food so it should be no inconvenience for you.” – XO, Wistan

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      Medical Special Needs – On a urinary diet for life (C/D)