• AARCS # A40201556
  • Female
  • Adult
  • Est. DOB: 12/12/2013
  • Breed: DSH
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    Photos courtesy of Kayli McClelland Photography

    “Hey there! Check me’owt — the name is Maleficent but you can call me Mal! It’s been a while since I arrived in AARCS’ care and I am on the prowl for the purrfect furever home! The kind people at AARCS took me in with my last litter of kittens. My foster mom said I sure did a great job at raising my babies, they all went on to find their own homes already, meow it’s my turn! Perhaps you’re the one for me? Let me tell you a bit about myself first and we can see if we’re a good match. Before a life living indoors being spoiled by humans, I was living on the streets fending for myself and my kittens. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I was a pretty skilled scavenger and still am, so be careful if you’re eating something tasty, as I might want a taste too! ;) My foster mom says I would likely do better in a home without young children as I am still working on my food-etiquette and manners. Keep in mind that I used to be uncertain when my next meal was going to be, so I still have some ‘wild cat’ in me.

    The indoor life was definitely a bit tough to get used too, but once I found a nice perch by the window where I could observe the on-goings of outside — including watching them silly birds do silly things! Foster mom keeps reminding me that birds are friends, not food… Talk about a learning curve! I really am a sweetheart though, this thing they call ‘affection’ is growing on me. Once I come around, I enjoy the occasional cuddle or kiss — but don’t get me confused with a ‘lap-cat’! I prefer to stretch out and lounge on the top of the couch when you’re sitting on it instead. However, I will never turn down a chin or back scratch! I might even beg you for them! Also CAT TOYS — WHAAAATTT?! How cool are these things? I didn’t even know that they existed until my foster family introduced me to them… Apparently, they are stuffed with something called CATNIP — hello new friend — you’re awesome and I love you! But you know what I don’t love — dogs! Ewww. No thank you! I’m hoping to find a home without them please! I haven’t really been introduced to other cats other than my kittens, so I would need to have a very slow introduction if I were to be integrated into a cat-savvy home. So, know that you know me a little bit better, let’s get together so you can meet me in purrson! Apply to adopt me today and paws crossed we’re a good fit! If you’re patient and kind, I think we have potential for sure!” – XO Maleficient

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