• AARCS # A40138486
  • Female
  • Adult
  • Est. DOB: 07/20/2014
  • Breed: DSH
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    “Briar here, reporting from my foster home. They call me BB and like it.

    I came from a place where I did not know what human love was. My sister and I only had each other to play with and to spend time with. We had humans in our lives but our purrs and sweet faces were not enough to love us. But we are alright now, each in our own foster home.

    I am spoiled rotten. I mean, I am treated like royalty. Seriously, these humans are just silly creatures. They are in training and I am working hard to make them better servants. When I tell them they are not fast enough to serve me food, they hustle. When I tell them I want to play, they throw toys high up in the air and I catch them. When I hear that the alarm goes off in the morning, I yell at them to get up and start moving as food is not going to manifest itself.

    You know, my foster family is still working on a few things (nobody is perfect) and we have these serious conversations about me not being allowed on the table. They tell me that there is one rule I have to follow, no cats on the table, and I tell them that doesn’t apply to me as I am not just a cat, I am BB, the stripy lioness. Work in progress, I guess.

    They tell me that I am the biggest snuggle bug you will ever meet. I have not mastered snuggling during the day yet but during the night I am a pro. I sleep quietly right between them. I snuggle up and I sleep the entire night without disturbing anyone. My favorite part is the early morning when the alarm goes off. I make sure everyone is aware of the alarm going off and then I snuggle up to my humans’ faces and let them know that I love them. They say it is the cutest thing ever.

    As royalty, I like to be consulted before I am picked up. It has to be done in the right way. I had never been picked up before, so I am not entirely sure if I like it or hate it. I definitely like it more than I hate it especially when I get kisses on my nose. I really want you to know that I Love, like really LOVE, kisses on my nose and forehead!

    I also make these funny noises that sound like two cats are seriously fighting but in reality, I am just playing with myself. I have discovered many fun things around the house like paper bags and little toys. Hide and seek is a fun game that I enjoy, especially when I startle my foster parents. I am very funny and make my humans laugh a lot.

    I have a delicate palate when if comes to food and will need my people to be patient with me in discovering food that I enjoy.

    My humans say I still need to work on my manners, whatever those are. They tell me ‘no bite’ when I go for a nibble (only when I am startled) or ‘no’ when I paw at them. I am still learning to trust humans.

    I really like adult humans and greet whoever comes to visit with great enthusiasm. They are also fun to talk to and I have lots to say.

    Truly, I am an open book, waiting for my story with you to be written as we share our life together.”

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