• AARCS ID# A39745600
  • Female
  • Breed: Rottweiler/Shepherd/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 9/24/2011
  • Size: Medium
  • located in Calgary

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    Photos courtesy of Inga Morozoff Photography

    You have never seen a wiggle bum like mine……seriously it turns into a whole body dance when I get the engine going!

    Time to pull on the heart strings people! With all seriousness, my name is Jade and it is a great pleasure to meet you. I am about 7 years old…..but I can act like I am two when I get my “fun” side going.
    I was picked up while living rough out in the boonies and was not doing so well on my own. When these nice people from AARCS got my attention and showed me that they were going to help me it started my wiggle bum motor going and I can’t seem to stop it! It’s not just a wiggle bum when I get going either….it’s a full body shimmy and shake!
    When I came into the shelter I was pretty much skin and bones…..I spent a few months at the shelter trying to get stronger but all those other dogs were stressing me out! Then the best thing ever happened…my foster mom volunteers each week to help care for the dogs in the shelter and I kept giving her the eye….the BUST ME OUT OF HERE eye….and it worked….she made a plan to be able to bring me home with her and my goodness happy days are here again!
    In the few weeks that I have been able to de-stress and gain some much needed weight at Chez Foster Hotel have been amazing and I can really see the possibility of learning what it is like to be a proper dog! I love living in a home and keep trying to convince my foster mom that I can sleep on her bed, I love getting cuddles from her and I love giving her kiss bombs….seriously she keeps underestimating how fast I can be when I wanna get in there and give her face a good lick!
    I have learnt that my kennel is a wonderful place to hang out when I am left alone, just give me a kong and I am good to go. If I am left out of the kennel for too long I tend to get a little worried if my hooman will come back and can make a little mess…not a big one…just a puddle or two if you catch my meaning.
    I also love going on walks…..you have never seen a wiggle bum like mine when it comes to getting the leash off the hook and around my neck…..I LOVE it! The unfortunate part about something that I absolutely love is it puts me in direct, possible, contact with something that makes me extremely fearful and uncomfortable…other dogs. I have spent my whole life having to defend myself against random intruders and now that I am safe I am having a hard time understanding why it goes against polite social graces to scream and yell at all other dogs that I encounter…I got a bark and am not afraid to use it…my foster mom says this is because I lack confidence in myself and that I am trying to resource guard her in relation to other people and animals.
    She says we have a detailed action plan in place for daily bonding and positive environmental engagement that over time will help me realize I don’t need to be so on edge and ready to defend myself all the time. I can say for the first few weeks I wasn’t too sure about this but you know the more we do it….the more I can see she might be right.
    What I need from you is to continue helping me with this. It would be best if you don’t have any other dogs in the home, right now….maybe in time we can talk about adding a fur sibling to the family but right now it would be best if I am the only dog. I also need someone who is able to handle me physically when I get scared. I am a big girl and I don’t always know how strong I am. I have not been introduced to any small humans at this point…..but as I tend to overact to stressful stimulus it would be best that I do not have any small humans at home….until I get my emotions and confidence under control. When I am nervous and stressed I stop eating, so it is important to understand my need to have a stable home environment and when we are out walking to understand my stress levels. I am starting to respond and understand my “marker word” that my foster mom keeps telling me….it’s a positive word that she uses like “YES” letting me know verbally that everything is good and that I don’t need to over react to things. So when we are out and about and I am too stressed to have a training treat she can let me know verbally that everything is all good and I don’t need to worry so much…..she says it is all about that bonding exercise that we do when we are home and I am not so nervous.
    My foster mom has a few cats and I have tried giving them a few sniffs here and there….as long as they are not intruding on my space I don’t have any real issues with them. They leave me alone…I will do the same.

    So that’s me in a nut shell….wanna go for a walk?

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