• AARCS ID# A39745566
  • Female
  • Breed: Shepherd/Siberian Husky/Mixed
  • Puppy
  • Est. DOB: 7/29/2018
  • Size: Medium
  • located in Calgary

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    Hey, hey….ya you….who you looking at…ya I thought so….me!

    Why hello there, so nice of you to click on my profile. My name is Kavita and I am one nice looking young lady….but my foster mom calls me Monster….best of both worlds!
    Why Monster you may be wondering….well it’s not for what you think. I was rescued with my litter mates and for some reason these wonderful people who brought me in from the cold put a small puppy who was all alone in the same kennel as us. So I took the little Munchkin under my wing and even though we are the same age, I am a monster in size when we are next to each other.
    As mentioned I am currently living with my foster brother in a lovely ladies home who also has a very large dog that I get to chase….I can seriously put the run on a 65 lb dog….oh ya…and 2 evil minions that are called “cats”. I much prefer chasing the big dog or tackling my Munchkin foster brother so those other fur balls don’t seem to interest me much….yet.
    I am “working on my manners” as my foster mom says, things like sleeping throughout the night and kennel & house training. They are all new to me but I am one smart cookie and am starting to figure things out. I have learned that when it is meal time that if I finish eating my food first (I usually do) and if I leave my foster brother alone (who is a slllooooowwww eater) my foster mom will hand feed me along with her big dog……so much fun getting to bond over extra kibble!
    I have also learned that when it is time for my foster mom to leave the house I get a KONG! Seriously these things are so good and my foster mom fills them with such wonderful tasty treats. I am so excited to get into my kennel to get my Kong that I don’t even realize she has left me all alone!
    Now to be honest and frank with you as you have read this far, I do have some nervous tendencies. Raised voices and aggressive movements towards me make me want to run and hide. If you have small humans in your home I will need to make sure that you advocate for me and work with them to ensure they understand how to best communicate and engage with me in a safe manner as I learn how to be a confident young lady.

    Seriously how could you say no to this face?!

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