• AARCS ID# A39546330
  • Male
  • Breed: Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mixed
  • Dog
  • Est. DOB: 8/30/2016
  • Size: Medium
  • located in Calgary


    This animal is currently an Animal in Care with AARCS and is not available for adoption at this time. Please note that applications will NOT be accepted for this animal until they are posted as available on our Adoptable Animals page. Our website is updated daily so please keep checking back on their progress and availability. Thank you for choosing to rescue!

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    Hi, I’m Chuck! One look a my Yoda ears and handsome face, and you will be smitten.

    It only took me seconds to make my foster parents fall in love with me. On our first walk, all I wanted to do was cuddle, right in the middle of the sidewalk! I love having my people nice and close, walks come and go but cuddles are forever. I like naps almost as much as cuddles. My favourite thing is falling asleep with my head in my foster mom or dad’s lap.

    -Leash/Other Animals-
    Once my cuddle quota is met I like to go for walks on a leash. I really like to sniff, so I tug a little here and there. But due to my velcro nature, I try to match your speed when I’m not distracted. New dogs and small animals make me nervous and curious at the same time, so I haven’t tried to chase one. I’m told leash training is off to a great start! I’d love to make some doggy friends so we are working on building my confidence with some familiar dogs. I haven’t shown a lot of interest in exercise yet. My foster parents aren’t sure if I’m distracted by the cuddles or just a pooch with a smaller battery.

    Although I nap a lot, I can get pretty excited and I’m still learning my manners. Sometimes when I’m excited I get a little hoppy and try to do stand up cuddles, it’s kind of adorable really. I also like to gently use my mouth when I want pets. But I’m told this is not polite, and might be overwhelming for little ones. I want to cuddle people of all ages so I’m trying my hardest to learn how to settle. I’m slowly sitting more and jumping less when I get excited, even sitting on my own sometimes! Whatever gets me the pets! Because my manners are a little rusty I haven’t been introduced to any small children yet. But when I’m not excited about something, I’m very laid back. With a bit more experience and practice I know I will be the gentlest love bug you’ve ever seen.

    We are working on basic commands like “sit”, “stay” and “come”. My foster mom calls it “practice” I love that game so much! Sometimes I get so excited about the rewards that I lose my focus a bit. But I really want to be a good boy, so as soon as I catch on to something I blow them away with how fast I can learn, “practice makes perfect”! My recall is a bit inconsistent, but the more excited you sound the faster I come running! Not to worry though, I’m a timid guy and I enjoy the comfort of having my people close so I probably won’t leave your side (unless maybe food is involved!)

    Because I love having my people close, I don’t like being in a crate alone very much and I will protest. But I do like to eat my treats in there, and with some baby steps I am working my way up to flying solo in my bachelor pad at night.

    -House trained-
    I am house trained, no accidents here! I like to sniff around the yard a bit, but I’m not big on exploring or gardening. I just sniff around, do my business and head back to the door when I’m done. I’d rather be where the cuddles are.

    I am sweet and handsome and full of affection. With some patience and practice I will master my manners and make an adorable and cuddly addition to your home!

    • AARCS_cat
      Good with Cats?
      I’ve only met one cat, and it went well. She played with my tail! Can you believe that?
    • AARCS_dog
      Good with Dogs?
      I would do better with calmer, older dogs that can be patient with me. Younger energetic dogs make me nervous but curious.
    • AARCS_KidTested
      Good with Kids?
      Not tested with Kids
    • AARCS_SpecialNeeds
      Does this Animal have Special Needs?
      Yes, Medical Needs

      Medical (lameness and stiffness in legs, following up with vet in a week)